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A few weeks ago, we wrote about the absolute ridiculousness of Donald Trump's "lawsuit" against Univision, which made some bizarre claims about the First Amendment and defamation that clearly did not apply. While there may be a...
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My Nexus 4 came back from the dead! Downgrading because something is royally fucked up since it took a swim in shit water and an alcohol soak. Some apps and the keyboard produce some crazy graphical corruption. Chrome would show a blacking out from around the edges, for instance, almost like you're vision was blacking out. The screen is also full of streaking behind the glass.
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I have to install a freshly downloaded ROM. That behind the glass stuff was actually part of the graphical corruption. It only went away with a rollback, but that is partially corrupted too.
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[from the article] Walter Palmer, a dentist and avid hunter from Bloomington, Minn., was identified as the hunter who killed Cecil, a beloved and popular attraction in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, by The Telegraph on Tuesday. He is thought to have paid approximately $50,000 US ($64,600 Cdn) to shoot the lion with a bow and arrow. The animal was later beheaded and skinned. 

... And check out his Yelp reviews. Small comfort, I know, but a little funny.
A Minnesota dentist is facing a wave of internet outrage after being named as the hunter behind the death of Cecil the lion.
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Mental illness victim blaming goes something like this:

"This child was affliction-free until, at the age of 17, they smoked marijuana. As a result, they now have Down's Syndrome"

I'm using Down's Syndrome as a visual because everyone is familiar with it. This is strictly to illustrate a point.

The point is that people will magically forget a person's genetics, family health history, childhood symptoms of a given disorder and life events. They will also magically lose all sense of time and own hypocrisy.

This had happened to me. I had childhood symptoms of autism including key behavioral traits, ADD and a larger than average cranium. I've witnessed a traumatic event as a child and very possibly developed PTSD as a result (not yet diagnosed). I've been rumored to be on drugs while going through hell working at Walmart on third shift and being bullied, but nearly every employee I've known does more than just the big three (nicotine, alcohol and weed) while I only do the big three. Pill poppers were abound (and I'm religiously against taking other people's prescriptions, especially for recreation). I had vaccinations, and as soon as my mother knew, everything else she had clearly known about my autism from before the vaccinations magically became irrelevant to her. To her, the vaccines caused my autism after I showed the clear signs of autism she recalled for getting my diagnosis. WHAT?!!

When someone with a mental illness does marijuana, instantly, INSTANTLY people blame the condition(s) on the victim. It's extremely insulting and utterly moronic.

And no, it would not surprise me if this had happened to someone who has schizophrenia, PTSD, Down's Syndrome, progeria, fragile X or AIDS. It's that real and it's that bad. I'd have to write one to two pages more if someone needed me to clarify the above any further.

TL;DR: People only look at the first thing they would look down upon, such as smoking marijuana, think correlation implies causation and shut down all brain cells but what is needed for them to fallaciously blame the victim.

This is how prohibitionists think and its all too similar to the worst of antivaxxers, the ones who should clearly know that both biology and the laws of physics don't agree with them but then suddenly forgot, because drug use is easy to blame by the greatest of simpletons. It's a culture. It's a religion.
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You should. You wouldn't win because people fear someone who tells the truth, while claiming they hate polititions for lying. I think it would give a lot of incentive for future precedence. Someone like you running, knowing they will lose, but running, to prove a point, and to show there are people that will say the truth regardless. It would pave the way for a future politician who does want to say those things but can't for fear of reprimand.
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We are arresting you because you didn't want to be arrested

Right after we detained you because you didn't want to be detained

All because we searched you because you didn't want to be searched
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The more I change the software, the better it behaves. Notice how it's displaying perfectly. I need to load a fresh ROM, because it seems the software that was in use before was corrupted. Weird how they're only graphical glitches. I'm surprised I can get somewhere now. Maybe it was bit flips in the RAM.
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I guess there wasn't crap stuck behind the glass. That's how weird this software corruption is.
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Thousands of House parties will be held in all fifty states on Wednesday as Sen. Bernie Sanders will tell supporters that the most important goal of his presidential campaign is the creation of a movement to take down the billionaires and give government back to the people.
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Matt B
Sure she won't, considering her history - it's a shame that democrats or republicans hardly distinguish themselves
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Everyone associated with +Matthew H​, +Timquavion Washington​, +Kelvin Williams​, +Zander D.​, +ᴵᶰᵗᵉʳᶰᵉᵗ ᴾᵒᶫᶦᶜᵉ​, +Chris Jenkins​, +Jamaa L​, +Bobbi Jo Woods​, +Maggie Kovacs​, +Elizabeth Bathory​, +Ward A​, +HULK SMASHinton​, +Justin FU​ and countless others I'm very sure I'm forgetting right now should have our own TV show. Tosh.0 and Web Soup would be shaking in their tiny boots.
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A share ‪#‎onesopinion‬ Momma Politico ‪#‎GOPproud‬
Fear mongering
Just saw the Ron Paul “Be Very Afraid” commercial. Why is it that the GOP always resorts to fear tactics? Because, apparently, it works.
It’s the bread and butter of the GOP. Now that they can’t use the traditional wedge issues as effectively (God, Guns and Gays), their only remaining card to play is fear. Fear of “the other,” who is taking your jobs, using your resources and tax dollars, and can easily be the scapegoat for all things that are gone from the memory of prosperity of bygone days - that’s the best bet to get low-information voters to vote against their own best interest. The GOP is masterful about getting folks to vote against those things that make the middle class able to survive…and makes bank for them and their 1% in the process.
Watch for this - watch in the ads you see in the next two years, in the propaganda spewed by Republican candidates. Divide and conquer is their goal, and it’s not a hidden agenda anymore, by any means. And it’s up to us to point it out.
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If you or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, then check out this club.
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