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Alex Smith
A digital connoisseur and people enthusiast
A digital connoisseur and people enthusiast

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Haha +Alex Woehr
God damnit my poor 386sx :( Dam you Microsoft!

Users will start respecting a business's right to display #ads once businesses start respecting the #UX and #DoNotTrack requests #AdBlocking

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"We use locks to keep our homes and our possessions safe offline. But how can we protect our digital things, like photos on a smartphone or email traveling across the web?

"The answer is encryption."

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Yay for  #GoogleFiber  in Durham, NC! :D
Hey Triangle – We designed this limited edition Google Fiber t-shirt that we’d love to share with you. Visit, let us know your size, and we’ll get one in the mail to you.
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Modern take on #LOTR - Sam and Frodo have to get the ring through the #DMV
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