#moderation #spam
I'm a moderator in a handful of G+ Communities. Sometimes I'll visit one them and see a bright green dot inside the green "MODERATE" button. I click the link and see G+ decided that a bunch of posts looked like spam. Sometimes they look like spam to me, too. The rest of them look like something that seems like on-topic spam if there is such a phrase. People post a few words and a link to their blog post. This is not cool because a few more words would be way cooler. In addition to that, however, when I check their profile I see that these people have posted the same link post to plenty of communities.
What is a moderator to do in this situations? My personal preference would be for people to be more specific. Just post it in one community. Or if you can't quite decide between RPG, OSR, B/X or any of the others, then perhaps it doesn't actually belong in a community but it should simply be a public post by yourself. People who are interested will start following you.
As a reader, I think I prefer a Community that has less link posts and that has less repeats I've already seen. That's why, as a moderator, I'll just delete posts that G+ flagged as spam if they're the kind of repeated link posts. What do you think?
Also: does this need to be in some sort of "intro" post for each community? Or should I tell people whose flagged posts I'm not going to approve?
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