A while back I shared +Rob Monroe's idea that we end up with retro-clones not because we want to inaugurate the next kick-ass RPG but because we've spent/wasted six months of our life tinkering with rules, adding house rules, doing layout for a target audience of four to five people and by now we might as well publish it... I'm using my Halberds & Helmets rules for my own campaign and there's is practically nothing original in there. It's all just collected and curated stuff from the history of our hobby and the explosion of blog posts and G+ threads discussing the various tiny details that emphasize one aspect over another or drop this or that. In effect, the open licenses people have been using, the artwork in the public domain, the desktop publishing tools available to us, these have all allowed us to take a base text, tinker with it, reformat it, personalize it, make it our own. And just now +James Smith released his own player's handbook. This is great!

And I'm going to add it to the House Rules section of the Links to Wisdom wiki. :)
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