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Emacs, Lisp, Perl, Wiki, D&D
Emacs, Lisp, Perl, Wiki, D&D
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This post is pinned to show at the top of my profile – it is the about me post. I'm on Google+ to talk about role-playing games, most of the time. I'm also interested in history, coding, and a few other things. I use collections to categorize my public posts and almost all of my posts are public.

My Blocking Strategy
I'll block people who circle me if nothing in their profile or posts tells me that we have stuff to talk about. This takes care of spam and I don't feel too much like I'm being watched by bots.
I'll block people who send me notifications of posts that annoy me. Almost all of them annoy me, but I'm more forgiving when these posts look like mistakes. Mistakes happen and the user interface isn't all that obvious.
I'll block people who's comments elsewhere I find offensive. I'm hoping that this doesn't create a political filter bubble—but if I'm creating a filter bubble of politeness and reasonableness, then I'm OK with it.
Everything else can be handled by uncircling.

My Blog
I also keep a blog/wiki: – that's where I post stuff that I expect to keep around for longer. Who knows how long Google+ will last. I don't cross-post a lot. I might often link to a post on my blog when commenting on somebody else's post, but I'll only link to my blog on my own posts when I think there's something worth discussing for a bigger audience. I know, many people have moved their online presence to G+ and don't keep blogs anymore. I guess I still like the idea of running my own site.

How To Contact Me
I hardly ever do video or voice chats. I prefer mail: If I have disappeared from G+, you can hopefully still find me via my website,

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The only thing I care about when it comes to skeletons is how will necromancers use them and what's the spell to do so? I think large armies of undead are best and that's why I dislike this phrase in den d20 SRD: "No matter how many times you use this spell, however, you can control only 4 HD worth of undead creatures per caster level." I think the campaign world will be more interesting if we have large armies of undead. And if you're a 5th level magic user, you should be able to lead 100 skeletons into battle, just like a 5th level fighter should be able to hire 100 mercenaries. Mid level play for the win!

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The guy is can be such a faster talker it puts me in a trance. It's weird and I like it.
I've been watching through this series with my son who is thinking of running a game. It's a great series and I recommend it, but this video in particular is ESSENTIAL VIEWING. 

Trying to revive some C knowledge after 20+ years, looking at #bitlbee and trying to write support for the #mastodon protocol based on the #twitter implementation. Also, oauth 2.0 vs 1.0a. Why am I doing this?

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Barnacles. There you go.

Once again, my players went to the adventurer’s shop, wanting to buy stuff for their expedition into the sewers. This is a game of gold spent = xp gained, so that might explain some of their willingness to part with their cash.

• 50gp for the dwarven miner’s helmet which is the equivalent of a helmet (10gp) with an integrated lantern (25gp) and a pint of flaming oil (2gp); I sold two of these
• 5gp per flask of greek fire which reignites even when extinguished by water and thus the equivalent of flaming oil (2gp); they each bought 10 flasks
• 10gp for a wooden portable apothecary box to store all those flasks in; each came with a large bronze plaque saying “FLAME PIG”
• 10gp for a pump and nozzle contraption to help pump oil at burning targets; when asked I made sure to explain that there was absolutely no difference to throwing individual flasks, you still needed a roll to hit but you didn’t need to search your backpack for the flask itself; I sold two of these
• 100gp for a small eternal light in a locket made by the local headmaster of the wizard guild by casting continual light; sold it
• 400gp for the helmet of an elf lord, with two gaps for the horns that are sure to grow at higher level; not sold

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Your players have building projects back in town? This simple reaction roll table is what I used in my game.

I really should turn my thoughts back to pirates and megadugeons, the two core themes of my ongoing campaigns. But sadly, now I'm reading Slingshot by Tobias Klausmann and 7% in to looks like 100% Traveller to me. This is great. 

Is it possible to encourage awesome, heroic scenes in role-playing games? I don't think so: either it is dangerous and the people play suicidal characters or it is not in which case it is empty embellishments. Role playing games don't tell the same stories as video games and movies.

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Making coffee and player handouts. 
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