*They are continuing to dance around these #gplus #stats issues:*

"...Page also teased the audience by noting that Google+ is really two things: a new social layer across all Google Web sites, and an actual "social destination" where people go to share stuff.

Then he gave usage numbers for the social layer -- 170 million. But still didn't give numbers for the actual plus.google.com site, saying only that he was happy with its growth and engagement. Such a tease."

Keep in mind that Experian Hitwise has reported a (statistically extrapolated) stat of 61M or so U.S. VISITS (not Monthly Unique Visitors) for G+ for March -> mashable.com/2012/04/06/google-plus-traffic-march/

... and is showing about 13M visits for the first week of April -> experian.com/hitwise/online-trends-social-media.html (bottom of page) which would make it around 52M for the month if these weekly numbers stay relatively constant.

Even if Experian is off in their estimates (and presumably they don't measure mobile), 60M - 120M visits (to be super generous) is nothing to write home about, since that is likely to equate to many fewer Monthly Uniques. Each active user is likely to have up to dozens of visits a month.

My guess is that the Compete.com estimate of 20-25M active U.S. G+ users is not too far off (no one knows exactly how they figure in possible mobile only users, but they supposedly are making some adjustment to their numbers for that), so somewhere around 60-120M visits would fit.

170M, even including all international users ( x 2 U.S. users or less than that?), is clearly not the number of active plus.google.com users. Neither is the 100 Million number.
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