*Is the new #microsoft   #surface  doubling down on a failed/failing strategy...?!*

As I pointed out repeatedly last year, the kickstand design and resulting lap non-usability was always the Achille's Heel, followed closely by the fact that the tablets were too large/heavy for actual tablet use.

So it was a "worst of both worlds" proposition, and sales of the devices meant to save Microsoft in Mobile Computing have unsurprisingly gone nowhere...

Now they have "fixed" the kickstand in some way. Maybe. Still desperately trying to tell people that they should stick with a desktop paradigm...

"...The new Surface Pro 2, the higher-end model, is targeted at professionals who want the full power of a laptop in a tablet-style device. It has a higher-resolution screen and a newly designed kickstand built in to make it easier to use on laps. In the past, it worked best on a flat surface such as a table.

Microsoft says the Pro 2 also offers a 75 percent improvement in battery life over the previous model. It features a processing chip that uses less energy and doesn't require a fan. Known as Haswell, the chip is already used in laptops from Apple, Samsung, Dell and other companies."

The problem is that the latter doesn't help with the problem of Windows 8.x being really too unwieldy of an OS for Mobile Computing use, even though Microsoft may be getting a major assist from Intel here in terms of new CPUs that can run it with decent battery life and without a fan (that one was always a headscratcher, it was clear that no one wanted to hold a tablet with a fan after the iPad showed how to do it in 2010!).

More on the Intel CPUs on +Max Huijgen's thread here:

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