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Reshare for US Timezones (put this up way late at 3am or so CDT last night), and since this is such an important topic... more #patentWars mayhem...
*Everybody, while not being particularly enamored with Facebook, is disgusted with Yahoo for its newest addition to the #patentlyabsurd column of travesties...*

-> A VC's +Fred Wilson:

"... Yahoo! has broken ranks and crossed the unspoken line which is that web companies don't sue each other over their bogus patent portfolios. I don't think there's a unique idea out there in the web space and hasn't been for well over a decade. Pretty much everything useful is based on prior art going back before the commercial web existed. [ Which is why they should have never been awarded in the first place, which is why the USPTO process is hopelessly broken.]
I am not writing this in defense of Facebook. They can and will defend themselves. I am wrting this in outrage at Yahoo! I used to care about that company for some reason. No more. They are dead to me."

-> TechCrunch ->

-> The post below from one of the Yahoo developers (now not even working there anymore)

-> and +Mark Cuban, making a slightly contorted argument that he wishes Yahoo were successful in its patent attack on Facebook, only to show the U.S. public by way of a super high-profile case (a la "140M Facebook users can't be wrong") what a travesty the US Patent System really is. Because nothing else might be able to change the deplorable status quo:

"Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I hate patent laws. I think 99pct of the time they are anti-competitive, corruptive, impede creativity and innovation and can kill small businesses. I think the ratio of patent law doing a good job protecting company IP vs it being used purely to negatively impact competitors or to troll for un-earned revenue is probably 1000 to 1, or worse."
While most of the tech world was partying at South by Southwest in Austin yesterday, Yahoo announced it was filing a lawsuit against Faceboo...
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Curated: The detailed play-by-play -> "Everyone Has The Features Yahoo’s Suing Facebook For: Here They Are" -

Seriously, screw Yahoo. They should have never gotten the majority of these "concept" method/patents, and they almost never executed on any of this to any appreciable degree. They had nearly all of the pieces of the puzzle and still couldn't deliver any decent products based on them. #lesigh
Curated: Good round-up of the scenarios ->

"...Many of the Yahoo patents seem abstract, anticipated or obvious so Facebook will likely ask the court and the Patent Office to declare them invalid. Tech sites are already holding up prior art and, damningly, the Yahoo engineer who “invented” some of the patents has disavowed their legitimacy. If Facebook needs more help, it could turn to a firm like Article One Partners which pays bounties to people who find documents that prove an invention is not really new."
More from that post: "...One potential obstacle to a cross-licensing deal, though, is finding a way for Thompson to save face. Right now, the CEO is on a limb after pulling a macho move to show investors that he will do something—anything—to push the company in a new direction. Yahoo’s embrace of the patent path has already produced unprecedented cries of rage and betrayal from the tech community so Thompson may feel hard-pressed to double-down and avoid anything that looks like compromise. Plus, experts say success could allow the company to make a living as a full-time patent troll."

Exactly. That is where tech companies go to "die", also see MSFT's recent resorting to patent extortion against Android (instead of using their freaking $7-10 Billion of R&D budget to actually innovate and do something on their own...).

Notice also that the CEO's likely psychology here has #gametheory aspects. /cc +Alexander Becker
Curated: There may be this backstory as the reason why Yahoo is pulling this stunt now ->

"...Yup! Thanks to its then feckless and incompetent management (and the then technologically irrelevant board that made even bricks look smart), Yahoo gave Facebook access to the address books of its 600 million odd users.

Facebook, being smart enough to use that data, ramped up its own numbers from 350 million users into nearly a billion users. (Random tidbit: Facebook in February 2010 bought Octazen, a Malaysian contact importer firm and then shut it down and in doing so essentially eliminated any and all competition. In order to tap into address books, rivals would have had to build their own importers, no small feat in itself.)"
Curated: All Yahoo vs. Facebook #patentWars, All the time...

-> If Patents Are Weapons, These Companies Are Armed To The Teeth - Insanity... well over 400,000 patents aligned against each other on all sides...

-> Patent Trolls Like Yahoo Will Ruin Silicon Valley, Says Yammer CEO -

-> Oy Vey, Yahoo: What On Earth Are You Thinking? -
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