Reshare for US Timezones (put this up way late at 3am or so CDT last night), and since this is such an important topic... more #patentWars mayhem...
*Everybody, while not being particularly enamored with Facebook, is disgusted with Yahoo for its newest addition to the #patentlyabsurd column of travesties...*

-> A VC's +Fred Wilson:

"... Yahoo! has broken ranks and crossed the unspoken line which is that web companies don't sue each other over their bogus patent portfolios. I don't think there's a unique idea out there in the web space and hasn't been for well over a decade. Pretty much everything useful is based on prior art going back before the commercial web existed. [ Which is why they should have never been awarded in the first place, which is why the USPTO process is hopelessly broken.]
I am not writing this in defense of Facebook. They can and will defend themselves. I am wrting this in outrage at Yahoo! I used to care about that company for some reason. No more. They are dead to me."

-> TechCrunch ->

-> The post below from one of the Yahoo developers (now not even working there anymore)

-> and +Mark Cuban, making a slightly contorted argument that he wishes Yahoo were successful in its patent attack on Facebook, only to show the U.S. public by way of a super high-profile case (a la "140M Facebook users can't be wrong") what a travesty the US Patent System really is. Because nothing else might be able to change the deplorable status quo:

"Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I hate patent laws. I think 99pct of the time they are anti-competitive, corruptive, impede creativity and innovation and can kill small businesses. I think the ratio of patent law doing a good job protecting company IP vs it being used purely to negatively impact competitors or to troll for un-earned revenue is probably 1000 to 1, or worse."
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