*Interesting "secondary market" transaction by Wordpress/Automattic* to get the early investors/founders/employees a way to get some cash out. Read the rationale by Mullenweg.

Could be in part prompted by the Yahoo-Tumblr $1.1B acquisition, which of course produces some cash envy wistfulness by reasonably successful companies in the same space...

Here is a post from Matt a few days ago:

Also related: This case of one short email landing someone a job as an early-early employee of Tumblr, which turned out to be a handsome #startup  bet - which incidentally proves the 80/20 Principle - some of our actions, no matter how small, have completely disproportionate consequences, effects, pay-offs than others...

"This Simple Email Helped Tumblr's 5th Employee Get His Job"

Also tangentially related: +Dave Winer warning against putting too much stock in what Marissa Mayer is saying about Yahoo not messing up Tumblr

"That Time Marissa Mayer Stormed Out Of A Meeting After A Blogging Acquisition"

"... [Winer:] "They own the thing, they will do what they want to with it. It doesn't matter how many nice sounds Mayer makes on the deal. At the core she cares not one bit what the users of Tumblr think. She's saying what she needs to say to make the deal happen. To avoid a PR crisis on Day One.

To make the team at Tumblr feel like their work has value to the new owners. That somehow this acquisition isn't actually an acquisition."

(Maybe I'm naive, but I think Winer's wrong on this one. At Google, Mayer witnessed the successful acquisition of YouTube, which was left mostly on its own. She keeps saying that's her model for Tumblr.)"

Time will tell. In other words, maybe keep your self-hosted blog around...

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