Good analysis from GigaOM on those recent Android tablet "market share" numbers.

We had some in depth discussions about this over here on +Chris Robato's thread:

Here's what I said:

"Once again, shipped NOT= sold. We'll see down the road what the actual stats are based on Web usage asf.

And by the way, *I am rooting for Android to create serious competition for the iPad, but not based on questionable stats...*

...the difference [with Apple] is that they usually sell all they can build... often there's a wait. Very little Apple stuff sitting in inventory somewhere for any length of time, while with the Android tabs, I'm not so sure...

the [recent] Hitwise/Compete/Comscore stats say that well over 90% of tablets out there are iOS, and until that number comes down, I'll have a hard time believing that Android tabs are actually grabbing significant share. If they were really seeing sell-through reaching 25-35% over the last few quarters, then that number should start to drop below 90% iPads sooner rather than later, but it hasn't yet."
/cc +Stefan Svartling +Ramon Nuez
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