I have to agree with +Jason Calacanis re:Kickstarter here. He's particularly excited about Kickstarter's potential for financing indie film projects:

"...In fact, if George Lucas or Quentin Tarantino wanted to, they could raise $20M on the service tomorrow, give their movies away for $5 online without DRM, $10 on Blu-ray and for millions of dollars to a cable channel and make much more money -- net-net -- than they do with the studios. [compare the experiment that comedian Louis C.K. did recently].

They would also build a mailing list of their top one to 10 million fans who they can hit up again and again. Lucas actually has those mailing lists because of the StarWars.com site, so why he wouldn't say, "I'll make a live-action Boba Fett movie if you guys put up $20M in advance" is beyond me."

Click through for more on the #Crowdfunding revolution and how AngelList fits in the picture for #startups (and who knows, maybe for more down the line?!)
Previously curated by me about Kickstarter -> plus.google.com/u/0/112964117318166648677/posts/GVb5Vx8fS1m
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