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Alex Schimp
Web Developer. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Space Exploration/Colonization Enthusiast.
Web Developer. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Space Exploration/Colonization Enthusiast.

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New blog post: BeagleBone Black WiFi Network Connection

In the last post I described the steps needed to setup an internet connection on a BeagleBone Black through a USB connection to a computer. In this post, we’re going to cut the cables and go wireless, giving the BeagleBone Black Wifi network connectivity.…

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In a previous blog post I wrote about a little experiment I did with a BeagleBone Black and a Neato LIDAR. Eventually I plan to use these parts to build an autonomous wheeled robot, but I realized that before I go much further it would be a good idea for…

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Seed to Harvest is Now Open Source

A few years ago I developed an iPhone app called Seed to Harvest to help farmers manage crop records – specifically small-scale organic farmers. The majority of the feedback I received from my customers was positive, but I began to realize that the market…

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There are many things +Larry Page has said that I find inspiring. But this is one of my favourites....

Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.

Such a simple thing.

Uncomfortably exciting might seem so odd. And yet I think that is the best place to be at. When you are not too comfortable in your seat, not too embracing of the status quo, not too confident about the answers, not too sure... and yet excited. Excited about the possibilities, about improving people's lives, about achieving the impossible, about building that darn space elevator!

Because people who are uncomfortably excited are the crazy ones that actually just might accomplish the crazy things.

So... be uncomfortably excited.


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New blog post: Reading Neato LIDAR Ranging Data with a BeagleBone Black

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of using a Neato LIDAR module paired with a BeagleBone Black to form the core of an autonomous wheeled robot. This would be done using a SLAM algorithm running on the the BeagleBone Black, with the LIDAR providing the…

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New blog post! Part 2 in the series on using #RFduino to create a Bluetooth remote control for music on an iOS device.

In part one of this series of posts on building a remote control with RFduino, I covered the hardware and software involved in making the remote itself. In this post, we’ll get into the details of the iOS app that will receive commands from the RFduino…

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My new article was just published on Nettuts+.
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