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Would be awesome if it was mango but marshmallow is cool too :-)
You take the best pics of these. I wonder how long it will take this to become synonymous with Marshmallow Manhattan clam chowder (he's holding a mug of it)
+王忠庆 I guess Google didn't license the Marshmallow man like in Ghostbusters...
+Tobias A. G.​​​​ It is 6.0! Besides, I knew it... You look at the Material components and they just look like digital marshmallows! White, soft, bendable...
man what a missed opportunity. he should totally be the stay puft marshmallow man
Congrats, Android users. 
From, an iOS user. :-)
It's nice to see that we're officially in the sixes
At least not some Nestlé sweets again... :)
Arreglará todas las porquerias que hizo Lollipop? :(
What should i Do with #6, when i didn t get #5. Google should Chance the Update to direktly from Google to the Phones. 
I pledge a Ghostbusters remake with a huge Android Marshmallow dude walking around the city. Dan Aykroyd saying: "Oh no... I love Android!" 😁 Who you gonna call?! 
The shadow near the bottom makes it look like his pants fell off
Does any1 know when Lollipop 5.1 come to Poland for Motorola Moto E 2nd GEN ???