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Playing games, then talking about it.
Playing games, then talking about it.

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I had such a wonderful time guesting on this show! If you ever wanted to hear about my childhood obsession with Raggedy Ann, wow what a great opportunity for TMI:

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Con Drop got you down? Listen to +Maury Brown and I talk about magical wizardtimes at +New World Magischola, plus some exciting new projects in the works!

You wouldn't believe how nervous I was for NWM. It took Maury's keynote at Living Games, on what she calls "People-Centered Design," to get me really excited about the possibilities of a magical setting. This is a long episode, but I'm glad we got to really dive into the way safety, inclusiveness, calibration and consent worked in-game. It'll be a treat for anyone organizing large games, or just curious about how they work!

At the next convention I go to, I'm going to take more selfies with my fav people. I think it will make me happy in the days afterward.

I'm doing well though! I may have cried like a baby during This is my Power Button but they were happy tears! I'm still processing the realizations I had during the final scenes of that game. I'm savouring them, really, like a slow-developing scotch.

I had so much fun being silly IN SPAAAAACE in Strange Gravity. (It's the larped-up Artemis I've always wanted.) I love that we took a meta break halfway through! It helped us get the tone back on track and also gave me a little alibi to ask other players to help me incorporate my character into more scenes. And they did! It was great.

The new War Birds game, Nightingales: Casablanca is really interesting and cool! The setting is obviously compelling (war nurses are so rad) and the structure let me play as a timid newcomer getting her bearings, and jump into other scenes as totally different NPCs. Like role-playing circuit training!

Playing Fiasco with the BPG crew was such a treat. I completely unintentionally ended up spilling my secret past life as a weight lifter... and even though my self-centered meat head character was a jerk in a pile of chumps... I've been thinking about lifting again? Like... a lot. I forgot how much I missed it. Now that my health stuff is sorta under control, it wouldn't be a completely ridiculous option. Stay tuned on that front I guess.

Ok so real talk: I want to get better at facilitating games! Right now I just don't feel confident in that role, and I really wish I was. I ran For a Long Time I Would Go to Bed Early on Sunday and it might have been the sleep deprivation, but I'm embarrassed how off my game I was.

So yeah, next time: more selfies and better prep for facilitating. And I need to hit that pancake place, apparently.

Other than that, I treasure each moment I had with my friends old and new. <3s to you all.

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Always relevant <3
Guess this is when I should mention the collaborative zines on con crash you can get here: Right, +Alex Roberts?

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Wonderful idea! I hope all my brilliant friends submit brilliant ideas!

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It's been an awfully long time since I played in a fantasy adventure game. I don't often get the urge. But I'm listening to Owen Pallett today and maybe there's a way to play, like... very soft adventure? Gentle fantasy.

I want to be a Lamia who got married too young and is just starting to realize her devotion to blacksmiting might be a way of distracting herself from difficult questions about what she actually wants. I want to be a Gnoll who knows all his friends are assholes but can't yet see himself as worthy of anything better. I think characters like that could go on really interesting, magical adventures.

Crawl into that inner dungeon, y'know?

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Wishing us all some deep abiding love, this February.

This month, folks who pick up a copy of the Romance Trilogy book receive a greeting card for a friend or sweetheart. One comes free with the book, and they can by bought separately as well.

Valentines Day is a time that is about sharing love, but it can also make people feel isolated and alone. So these cards are not just for lovers, but for beloved friends who also make the world go round.

And many people's love gets left out of the popular conception of romance--so I've included polyamorous options, and welcome suggestions of custom greetings to add.

I chatted with Dr Tom the Frog about this recently ( And thanks to my sweetheart +Epidiah Ravachol for the idea for this special. <3

Interviewing is fun and I love it good night

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Would you like an compassionate critique of your game? Post a link in this thread and I will check it out and make a review video. You must be ok with your draft being shared with the public. 

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A new episode with +J Li!

I like talking about games don't feel like I actually know a ton about design. But even I can tell that although her games produce complex, nuanced experiences, the underlying structure is lean and focused. So I was excited to have J on to unpack some of that apparent magic and talk about the patterns, resources, and tools of larp design.

I'm making this episode sound really high-level but don't worry, we giggle and grin throughout. And I remind you all that I love you. Cuz I do.
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