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Google Voice for Android v0.4.2.44
Themed - Inverted & ICSssy

Here's the apk:

You might have to uninstall previous version first. I suggest backing up with TB, uninstall, install this normally, restore GV data only.
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AWESOME, thanks, i love everything blacked out. the only issue i see is when you click on contact bar when entering a phone number, it is all white except for the grey in the phone number and then when you click on the number, the name shows up. btw how did you learn how to do this? i would love to learn how to mod apps like this. thanks again
+Neil Stepanek No prob - are you on Gingerbread or ICS? I'll post a link later to a few tutorials-- there's a few on and a whole bunch on xda-developers.
Very nice. For those of us who are heavy GV users, this is a nice alternative for appearance and to reduce batter drain from the screen
Looks like you custom themed your install of CM9 based on the screenshots on the XDA forum for this. Which launcher are you using?
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