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Alex Queiroz

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A mais wow de todas! :)
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Alex Queiroz

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Alex Queiroz

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Nick Bilton originally shared:
Google's decision to focus on privacy in Google+ might be the right signal to entice users away from Facebook.
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Alex Queiroz

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Saulo Brito originally shared:
get over it!
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Alex Queiroz

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Joop Kiefte (LaPingvino) originally shared:
Missing Google's circles on Facebook? At least the interface to organize your contacts is there! Meet Circle Hack, your new favorite part of Facebook...
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Alex Queiroz

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This is a really interesting Reddit AMA: much more so than the Obama one that got so much press, although they are obviously both related to the upcoming US elections.

Mormonism as a religion is a fairly close second to the Scientologists in the race to "Batshit Crazy", and quite frankly, it's not brought up enough in politics because of idiotic politically correct fears of religious criticism.

What is interesting is also that the whole "closet atheist" like in the AMA (or at least "doubting") seems to not be unusual among Mormons. I've met people like thism who basically cannot admit even to their family that they aren't believers, but are then able to talk to me just because they know I'm atheist.

So despite that apparent widespread acknowledgement that there's some serious crazy stuff there based on the rantings on a convicted con-man, the social bonds seem to hold it together fairly closely.

Now, any religion tends to be more about the social bonds than the actual belief, but I think Morminism shows that more than most just due to how obviously ridiculous some of it is, and because the history is in fairly well-documented historical times.

Older religions have had more time to adjust their crazy (or bring it mainline, so that it isn't quite as obviously ridiculous, because you don't think about it)
I was raised as a hardcore Mormon in the Mormon Corridor. I have been surrounded by Mormons for my entire life and have dedicated myself to extensive...
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Alex Queiroz

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Larry O'Heam (almightygod) originally shared:
The "I thought it was the Rapture" thread at the Rapture Ready forum:
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Alex Queiroz

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By Richard Allen Greene, CNN (CNN) -- As a young man studying for the priesthood, Patrick Wall imagined life as a professor and football coach at a Catholic university. It didn't work out that way.
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Alex Queiroz

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**** originally shared:
Its so Heavy...!!
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Alex Queiroz

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Big Bang Theory being challenged (not the TV Show :))
Powered by a supermassive black hole two billion times the size of the sun, a quasar blasts a radiating laser of light into deep space. The discovery marks both.
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Loving husband, software artisan, martial artist.
  • Universidade Federal Do Ceará
    Bacharelado em Ciência da Computação, 1997 - 2000
  • Colégio 7 de Setembro
    1991 - 1996
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