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dude, seriously, just destroy them with lazers!

Knife Party - 'Destroy Them With Lazers'
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Oh yeah! This is always a fun challenge! Gobble Gobble ! Happy 
Thanksgiving everyone!
Welcome to The Second Annual Show Me The Bird! Challenge

Show Me Your Bird is a Thanksgiving Photo challenge which now is becoming a tradition. Submit your image of your Turkey or Main dish for your Thanksgiving feast. The only catch is that only cell phone images are allowed. Yes, you can use your favorite camera app to edit your image. 

Start submitting images as soon as you see something cooking or wait until it's ready.

Only 5 images per person

This year Drink and Click is sponsoring the 1st prize for the best image.
Best image will get a feature post at the Drink and Click website (, Google+ Community, Facebook page and Main Drink and Click page here in Google+. Yes, we are going to pimp out your image and whatever link you send us for your portfolio or website.

Now go charge that cell phone battery and join us tomorrow.
Show Me The Bird! 2013 Challenge
Thu, November 28, 2013, 10:00 AM

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Alex Ponce

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Okay.. so this tutorial is beyond words... hands down ingenious.  +Jaime Ibarra's work in understanding and directing of colors, tone, feel, balance and finesse is all part of what makes these tutorials pretty much a win for everyone.  The colour-grading video is among my favorite tutorials out there.  Check them out and support an incredible and talented photographer!   

If you've been waiting to buy one of my tutorial videos, this is a good opportunity for you! We've put together a few packages to choose from:

COMPLETE PACKAGE [Normally $388, but you can get the package for only $201]
Get it all! Includes the ever-popular Colour-Grading tutorial video, the Background Modification tutorial video, and the Mega Texture pack (over 350 high-res textures). It's everything you need to take your post-production to the next level...and perhaps an extra level or two :)

VIDEO PACKAGE [Normally $328, but you can get the package for only $159]
Get both videos in one package: the Colour-Grading video, along with the Background Modification video.

TEXTURE PACKAGE [Normally $189, but you can get the package for only $100]
All you need to create new environments for your photos: the Background Modification video, and the Mega Texture Pack

Individual products are sale-priced, as-well.

Order yours now at:

Save a ton and learn a lot! :)
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Wasn't Macro Photography supposed to be...easy? or easier? well..  IT SURE AS HECK ISN'T!

Who knew there are just as challenging conditions in macro photography as there are in daily photography? ... to capture a decent depth a field you still have to stop down (~5.6 - 8) a good bit! With the barrel open that wide, it calls for super steady hands, precision, and/or a tripod... if only the flowers and the bugs would stand still enough or follow directions.. lol  

You macro photographers have my utmost respect! 

#macrophotography   #floralphotography   #floral   #macrobee   #macro  
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Yessir! He will be putting about a book on Snowflakes this year... 300 pages... Glossy... With info about the science of snowflakes... Such a sweet gig. His snowflake macro shots are pretty awesome.
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Alex Ponce

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Another Vintage from a recent shoot with the talented Vicky! 
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Tyvm +Chuck Jackson ! 
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Off to +Drink and Click™ ATX !!

+Amanda Retallack  to +Barry Stewart : "Make sure to give +Juan Gonzalez  a kiss on the cheek for me!"

It some how comes up in conversation.. and of course we make sure it comes to pass! :P

(+Nicolai McCrary - wanted face time, so he strategically positioned himself in the video) 

Amanda, +Maki Silberberg  - We missed ya! (and several others that didn't make it)

#DnC #smooch   #whathappensatDNCstaysatDNC
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What the hell
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Alex Ponce

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thank you very much for posting that video! Super helpful. I wasn't sure where to start, but you've made it very easy. 
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Ive heard awesome things... I totally would... But I would just make sure that u are not voiding the warrantee being that your preciousssss is so new ;-)
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Talk about an inspiring shot... I don't know where to begin with this.. Yes, it's a wedding shot but.. it feels and looks like sooo much more... Kudos!

A wedding at the beautiful Bath Abbey, in the City of Bath, Somerset. I'm a newbie to using HDR, so any tips /critique would be appreciated! I'm using Photomatix Pro 4 then finishing in Photoshop. Thanks! :-)
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The stonework looks like shiny pink resin. The picture did not pick up texture well at all OR it was processed. . While the surface of the stone is semi smooth the light diffuses more like from grey chalk or limestone. Also the wood of the pews looks over brown. Oh i know what it reminds me of... the hand tinted pictures from way back. FYI: been to Bath Abby. 
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Alex Ponce

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A couple other photos from my vintage shoot with Vicky!
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Thanks +Chuck Jackson !
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Alex Ponce

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Fun vintage photoshoot with Vicky
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Thanks +Najeeb Bashir ! 
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Business Systems Analyst / Photographer
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Business Systems Analyst / Web Developer / Photographer
Hey hey!  Say cheeese! ... No really.. do it!

How does one say that they love photography.... I mean, not in the conventional way? Photography is a passion of mine which I have no reservations about placing every extra bit of time I have, into.

I pretty much love to shoot anything that moves... or doesn't! My camera knows little boundaries. It's the "bad boy" on the block - so to speak... (saying that really makes me feel like a bad ass!)

Me... Well, I'm very light hearted and quick witted. I love humor and good times. Sarcasm is a button that I fused "on" several years back...before birth.. I sometimes think of it as Darwin's Payback - as there should only be one! *takes a bow*

I'm passionate about what I do and enthusiastic in my approach. I love people who live to live and love life!! Time is too relentless and passes by too quickly to not enjoy yourself. We owe it to ourselves.

Soooo, that's pretty much me. Questions? Answers? Tomatoes left un-thrown? 

Thanks for reading!
- Alex

Bragging rights
Survived several FL and TX Summers! *flex*
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Tallahassee - Orlando - Detroit
Always a fan. Fresh seafood and generous portions.
Public - a month ago
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Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Love this place. The food is always made to order. The dinner portions are pretty large so I hope you bring your appetite with you. My favorite, Wonderful Chicken (sesame chicken), is always crispy but not dry and the sauce has a great subtle sweet and spicy flavor. The staff is VERY courteous and always attentive. You're greated with a smile at the door and for some reason they seem to always remember your face and suggest, to you, your usual order. It has a great mom and pops feel and certainly a diamond in the rough!
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
went in looking for some simple lights for the kitchen... walked out with a lot more than i though i needed...and didn't cost an arm and a leg.
Appeal: ExcellentQuality: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed a year ago
10 reviews
Debi is incredibly talented and creative. I've worked with her on several photo shoots and the outcome of her work makes my life all that much easier. Being the artist that she is, her work is more than just work - it's a manifestation of her ideas, her experience and her creativity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for Bridal and Hair services.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
been here a number of times for cd release parties. great place, a bit small and cramped at times but otherwise probably one of the best selections you'll find in austin.
Appeal: ExcellentQuality: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
came here to look at some furniture. though i didn't purchase anything, the staff was super friendly.
Appeal: GoodQuality: GoodService: Excellent
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