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Alex Polozov (Oleksandr)

Hello. I've got a Facebook conversation that exhibits lots of issues:
1. Its header doesn't sync, it shows just "Facebook".
2. When I go to its profile ("Party Options"), the list of participants and picture above never show up, it just keeps saying "Please wait" and spinning.
3. My outgoing messages sent from Disa are marked as "Sent" but they aren't actually sent in the channel - they don't appear on the web.
I can provide app logs if you tell me which behaviors to attempt.

This is a FB plugin bug, so I'm tagging +Marc Lundin directly.

I have several conversations in FB that never update automatically and do not produce any notifications. They update on their own when I open them, or when I manually press an update button in Disa, but never in the background.
Most of the conversations update without any problems, there are only 2-4 specific ones. Note also that coincidentally these are the only large ones (30+ people) in my Messenger, so the bug probably has something to do with it.

Things I've tried:
- logout/login in the plugin
- reboot
- clean app data
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