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Want to know why I'm so sure that 3D printing is in bubble territory? Every single time I post an article about the technology, someone first tells me that I don't understand anything about 3D printing and gets mad that I'm "fueling the shorts" or what have you, and then they predict ridiculous gains forever.

That worked out really well during the dotcom bubble. For a while.
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Hm. I'm gonna disagree.

The vast majority of dot coms were fueled by whimsy, smoke and mirrors, and bizarro world valuations. There were thousands making a mad dash to stake a claim in a whole new virtual world. 3D printing is an actual tangible thing. It's very easy to currently see and imagine myriad practical, real world commercial and retail applications for it. Architecture, toys, medical (instruments and patient applications – implants, prosthetics), retail goods parts replacements, on-demand shoes, industrial modeling (automotive/aerospace), etc...

But perhaps the biggest points of difference between 3D printing and dot coms: There really aren't that many pure players in the game ($DDD, $SYSS, a few others), they aren't working out of a room in their mom's basement, they're actually making money, and they're fueling innovation.

Disclosure: I don't own shares in any 3D printing company. Yet.

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