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Hey +Vic Gundotra +Sergey Brin +Andy Rubin +Larry Page +Matias Duarte,

I know that you aren't personally responsible, but what's going on with the Nexus 4 at the Play Store? Being back-ordered because of demand is one thing, but it is extremely disheartening to having worked hard to try and be one of the first to order, only to see you not shipping devices in the order they were placed. Tons of information is at this thread on XDA: (it's actually my thread, so if Google could enlighten me with any kind of update, I would be happy to help spread the word).

The truth is, we are the foot soldiers down here that are fighting off rampant fanboyism on a daily basis. We are your best marketing asset. Why are we being treated like this? We can't even get an update on the matter? Even a "hey, we screwed up, sorry that orders were sent randomly. That's not cool and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again." Anything would be great.

It hurts :(.

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I agree. We would love an update as to what's going on. 
Please be transparent and let us know what's going on. 
All we keep hearing if we call is "you should have a tracking number tonight or tomorrow"...  over and over. 
I agree with everything above.  Different responses from CS depending on with whom you speak, ZERO communication, etc...  I'm not sure why, but I expected better from Google.
At least an email saying what is going on. I have got nothing but a confirmation email!
I just want information. I haven't received anything from Google since I got the order confirmation e-mail on the 13th (Order placed: 11/13-8:41 PST).

I get it, things happen. All I want is for someone to give me an update specific to my order. Being kept in the dark.... Not Cool.
I got the back order email but Wallet and the Play Store still say it should ship by 11/15. No such luck I'm afraid.
give us info, Google you are a joke, so emberrassing for a company like Google
Not only are we not getting updates, Google is directing CSRs to blatantly lie to us.  I've been told to "rest assured that Nexus 4 orders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received."  A quick look at some of the posts in this thread prove that this is 100% not the case, and there are snapshots of order times and tracking numbers to prove it.  
I too would like an update.  Google has really disappointed me this time.  Ordering my Nexus 4 from the Play Store has been the single worst ordering experience I have ever encountered from any retailer.
+Google +Nexus +Google Play where are our orders? Or even some kind of information, something! What's going on with the total failure of communication to your community?
We need to be informed about what's going in with out orders 
I ordered at 8:34AM PST (11:34AM EST), a couple minutes after US launch, and my order is in limbo and no one knows anything. Give us info please.
Kai Liu
All we want is a little communication. How hard is it to write a few words to let us know what is really going on?
I desperately want an update on my order. Im so dissapointed on how there is no clear update from anybody.
Google - don't be evil and actually talk to your customers. This happened with Nexus 7, now nearly the same again with Nexus 4. Please provide your CSR's and customers with accurate information. This is embarrassing. +Google Play +Vic Gundotra 
Just want to mention that the thread we are referring to has nearly 17,000 posts and over 1 million views (at the time of this posting). We are a lot bigger than a vocal minority. #nexus4  
I'm still waiting as well. This is past ridiculous. 
Agreed, an honest and complete update (i.e. not what we've been getting from customer service) would go miles in restoring my confidence in Google.  This process has been dealt with in ways nothing short of unprofessional and unacceptable, and we'd just like to see an effort on Google's part towards a resolution.
It's not just the Nexus 4, either. I ordered a N73G and N10 16GB, which both show in stock, and I have yet to hear a single peep from +Google Play about this order.
I'd like an answer to this also +Google Play +Nexus 
My estimated ship date of 11.15.2012 has passed and I still have no updates...
The worst part is that they didn't even sell 1 million or something big like that. It's more like 10,000 and they couldn't handle it. WTF?
Can we ping +Gizmodo +The Verge on this as well.  Basically a large number of people who ordered last week have heard Nothing the Google.  We have not received "back order" emails.  Our orders are still sitting in Pending (for the majority).  Google Play CSRs have no idea what is going on with our orders as well.  Will they get billed, cancelled, delayed? #nexus4   #nexus4limbo   #android  
Clear communication from Google regarding the status of my order and managing our exceptions is all that we ask.  
Ordered a Nexus 10 32GB on the 13th at 08:43 PST.Received a confirmation email but that is it. I have made several phone calls and have been assured it is being processed but tehy can't tell me when or what stage its at. Quite sad for an enterprise as large as Google. I just phoned the Google Canada number and there was no answer. Not a machine, not voice prompt.....nada lol.

C'mon Google. If you want the money you need to have the infrastructure to take it and provide people with the product. Apple kicks your a** in this department. Time to put on your big boy pants.
Trying to order the Nexus 4 was one of the most disappointing and frustrating experiences I've had with online shopping. I fail to see how Google could not implement an order system such as the ones concert tickets providers or even greenmangaming have to reserve an item for a period of time to ensure those people will be able to order an actual device. I really used to believe Google was different than other companies, and looked out for their developers/supporters. The complete lack of support and care for this situation is appalling.
Very saddened by the whole ordering process. Not being told anything (or being told lies) is much worse than being told that you've run out of devices and I will have to wait. And while I was among the first to order (11:43:55 EST) I'm an adult - I can handle that you shipped to people who ordered after me. It's the lack of information that really stings. Ouch!
I've been in the dark since i ordered my Nexus4 on release day.  I actually was able to order 2 16g separate orders and was with a friend who couldn't get through so i ordered an 8G for him later.  His shipped to me last week. I haven't received anything on the one of the devices. I got one Back Order Email after i received shipping email for the 8G. We deserve at lease some explanation.  service reps are making things up and confusing us even more. 
I've gone through so many calls and escalations to a specialist now that this is way beyond rediculous. I've gone through 4 promised deadlines to have my shipping notice sent to me. My order was in the first 5 minutes of it going live and there are others who have their device in their hands and I don't even have a shipping notice! I have no shipping notice and no backorder notice. Many many calls later and I still have no phone and no resolution to my issues. I was just told to wait another 48 hours by a supervisor at the play store device support line. On top of that she said that there is no record of any of my previous calls in the last 4 days....
Ordered a Nexus 10 11/13 8:34am PST got confirmation email then nothing else.  Almost a week later and it has not shipped whilst those that ordered after me have already received there Nexus 10.  CSR's have zero information when you call and some seem to outright lie to you to get you off the phone.  All in all a very disappointing experience.
I understand if google is overwhelmed and cannot meet their shipping obligations on time, but I would like to have an accurate idea (or any idea at all) about when my Nexus 10 will ship.  I called google and they blamed the whole mess on UPS.  The woman told me they delivered all the orders to UPS but they haven't been processing them.  I called UPS and their rep told me that was a flat out lie.  What gives?
I am also waiting for a response in regards to my nexus 4 order.  Sad thing is I was going to order a 10 as well, but with this fiasco I might have to go elsewhere!
One of the worst parts was hearing the CSRs lie directly to me and tell me that they were fulfilling on a first-come first-serve basis. Now, I know that they are being told to say that, but that kind of blatant deception had me feeling really crappy about the whole thing. We have all of the evidence in the world that this is simply not the case.

I didn't sleep the night before I ordered. A buddy and I (+Marc Seiler) wrote a Python script that would alert us when the order page changed. I got my order in seconds after it went live.

Is that overboard? Of course it is. I know that. You know that.
Am I the only one with this kind of passion about the things that I love? Absolutely not.

I know I'm not the only one who has daily debates with the group of Apple nerds at the workplace. Hell, in a personal mini-accomplishment of my own, I've successfully converted my wife +Stephanie Paluzzi away from her iPhone, iPod and iPad (and she never looked back! Proud of that one!) She's currently enjoying her N7, S3, and new Chromebook while she waits for her N4.

Yeah, I'm probably a Google fanboy, but I always have your back +Google, can you get mine this time? 
This is not the time to live up the true meaning of "silence is golden". Google, just say sorry and say you care!
tim c
Well we are almost one week in now and have heard Nothing. Is that really how you want to be viewed Google? .. that is as NO Better and possibly worse than the poorest of e-tailers. Your credibility is going down the drain ... don't customers at least deserve an apology and explanation or is it really all about the money and possibly poor PR you'll get and not about the people who have been loyal cheerleaders for you?
Google u suck, after about 3 years of supporting Google this is the type of service we deserve, FxCK YOU
Ordered a N4 @ 8:36am PST and have yet to receive an update on my order.
+Matias Duarte +Hugo Barra +Vic Gundotra +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Andy Rubin

You guys are aware that most Nexus buyers are gadget geeks, right?

You are aware that gadget geeks are very passionate about their devices, right?

You do understand that by doing this to people who are this passionate you are playing with their emotions, don't you?

And you do realize that playing with someone's emotions is dirty, correct?

I am aware that not all of you are responsible for speaking out about this, but I just had to get your attention. Thanks.
No update, no nothing. Also it seems the only updates are for the USA, the UK has had nothing at all since Tuesday. To make it worse, I ordered at 8.31am and people who ordered after me already have their phone!
Based on the threads I am following, very few people are getting shipping notifications today. That probably means if you haven't received a shipping notification yet, you are probably back ordered and shouldn't expect a phone until December 6th.

+Google, I understand supply issues, I understand technical issues. I don't understand a lack of communication. You have failed miserably here. I can't advocate for you if you treat your customers this way. Apple may be Evil, but at least they don't hide when they make mistakes.
Please, Google, just say it the way it is!! Gosh, you'd think the biggest tech-company in the world could figure out how to sell some phones.
Google... please just give us SOME information about what the hell is happening. This is unacceptable.
We need an update ASAP...It is that simple! 
come on Google, you're leaving your loyal customers in the dark!!!
I just want my phone T_T
I have been told 20 different stories by 20 different people and this is getting ridiculous... Google has over $2000 held on my account because of their terrible launch and now I probably won't even see a Nexus 4..... Thanks Google!
Update ASAP or you will loose many loyal costumers 
I just wanted 2 devices but they ended up charging me for orders that timed out in the order process so I had 6 orders instead of 1... LOL  Luckily I had the funds in my account to cover this disaster! Just tell us THE FACTS GOOGLE???
Dear +Google ,
We're here because we care about you, but in order to get better you must first accept that you have a problem.
I was excited and looking forward to my first google device. One would think that the search giant could handle the magnitude that was November 13th... Anyways, I'm very upset that I am left in the dark on if my Nexus 4 even exists or if google just wants to hold on to my 300 dollars.
Another limbo here i ordered at 8:35 PST,  so plz update asap
I'd also like to know why the date next to my order in "My Account" on the +Google Play store keeps changing.  I ordered it on November 13th, why does it now say the 19th?  Last Friday it said the 17th.  No customer service representative I've spoken to has given me a straight answer, they all tell me something different.
Limbo here as well (Ordered at 11:35 EST), no clear answers from Customer Service.  No updates on the order. Just want to know when it will be processed.(not asking for super quick delivery)  #whereismynexus4
+Andy Rubin +Matias Duarte +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Google Play give us some concrete update today please! I (stupidly) sold my Galaxy Nexus before ordering the #nexus4 and am now without a phone. That part obviously has nothing to do with you, but I need to figure out what to do, do I have to get a beater phone from Walmart or will I get my allegedly awesome #nexus4 sometime this calendar year?
At this point I'll feel like I won the lottery to just have the order I placed last week Tuesday actually be processed and ship sometime this week.  Hell, I'll drive two hours from Indianapolis, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky where the devices ship from if they will let me pick it up!
B Poole
Limbo here too - ordered 1 x 16 gb and bumper at 9:41 MST.  Come on Google, my love is quickly crumbling.  Just give us an update.  Most of those who bought are Google fanatics and we understand there may be a shipping delay (beyond those who have already received back-order emails), but a complete lack of communication to those of us in limbo and giving your CSRs conflicting info or keeping them in the dark completely is unacceptable...
Frankly, at this point (after reup on my pre paid monthly plan) I just want to know WHAT happened. I don't even care about getting the phone in the next week anymore.

A little compensation would be nice too...
There needs to be an update. I ordered my phone at 11:42EST, and I haven't received anything but the confirmation email. This is just absurd. Phones should have been shipped on a FIFO basis.
It sucks to see people that placed orders after yours already getting delivered. Maybe if we had some more communication it would make things better instead of blindly hoping it will ship. Back order emails did nothing to help as people receiving them have still been getting shipments. No rhyme or reason or any order seems to be followed. +
+Andy Rubin +Matias Duarte +Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Hugo Barra 
+Andy Rubin +Hugo Barra +Matias Duarte +Vic Gundotra +Larry Page +Sergey Brin   - Come on guys. You are treating the UK particularly like dirt. I and many others, (which through some unscientific polling looks to be nearly 50% of orders) have yet to even receive any details about what is going on with our Nexus 4s. We need action, and decisive action at that. We need communication. We need the truth. It might just be a phone, yeah, so what. But its a phone that a LOT of us Googlers were looking forward to and a lot of us wanted as soon as we could get it - we're proud of the products that Google makes. We want to show them off to those around us with a beaming smile on our face. Pull yourselves together and show a bit of courage, and give us something.
My biggest gripe is that the 'order status' in the Play Store 'My Account/My Orders' page does not show the current status.  What we've learned from this experience is that we cannot use the order status to tell what the order status is.  Why bother to show order status on the Play Store if it doesn't mean anything?  If the Google Play store has sent out 'Backorder' emails, why has the order status not changed to reflect that?
Thanks Google for making something that was supposed to be fun a miserable experience. A little communication that isn't BS from a CSR would go a long way at this point. 
Looks similar to my Nexus 10 issue.  Ordered about 11:45AM on 11/13 and have yet to receive anything from google except for an order confirmation.  I would not know that there was a problem with my order if I hadn't searched for it and called into the play store about 4 times.  So far, I've heard that it was delayed due to high demand, it's been backordered, it's not been backordered, and that I would receive shipping confirmation last Friday, this morning, and by next Friday.  I have a horrible taste in my mouth about the Nexus and Google that I doubt the 300dpi resolution is going to be able to wash out.  I'm seriously considering going with what I consider to be a lesser device - namely either the Nook HD+ or the Kindle Fire HD 8.9". 
My friend, who ordered 15 minutes after me, is getting his phone today but my order has been at a stand-still since the 13th. It was definitely random, and not FIFO. At this point, I just want +Google Play or any of the big wigs at Google to just say, "Hey, we screwed up." Like you said, This hurts.
A CSR canceled my first order completely at 11:34 est because the play store showed I ordered more than one bumper ... I just wanted that bumper removed but the CSR cancelled the whole thing making me reorder again after being told "we will have many units in stock, you will be fine" ... now, nearly a week later... no real answers.... really was excited for this launch, now ... just despair. 
For a company with the supposed technical prowess of Google, I am shocked and dismayed at the complete and utter failure at all levels for this launch.  My trust as a consumer in Google has been shattered due to the technical, logistic and PR failures.    
I know people that have gotten their devices and they ordere after me. Why must we be kept in the dark?? Your customers and customer service reps would both benefit from giving us (your paying customers) some info!!
Whoever Lloyd is on the Google Play Team needs fired. I called and talked to him, to which he blamed it on UPS. After I got the follow up email from Google, I replied to it and used the email as a better opportunity to better express the situation. I told Lloyd that there were many of us who ordered very early, only to be stuck here watching everyone who ordered after us get their device Friday. I even tried to mitigate blame by saying the system itself might have gotten screwed up because of so many people ordering as soon as the page went live. He promptly responded, only saying "Rest assured, the devices are being sent out in the order the orders were received." I wrote back, making my case that his statement was just plain wrong. I provided links to our xda threads for him to see himself. A little while later I got a notice from Google telling me my case was closed and to fill out a survey. He did the email equivalent of shutting the door in my face. That is not how you treat your customers.
Jason Allen
+Andy Rubin +Matias Duarte +Larry Page +Vic Gundotra +Sergey Brin +Hugo Barra +Rob Jackson +Artem Russakovskii +Phil Nickinson +Joshua Topolsky +Christopher Chavez  +Chris Sewell +Engadget +Dan Morrill 

Dear Google,

As a former Android blogger, phone reviewer, and all around champion of all things Google, it saddens me deeply to have to write this.  The Nexus 4 launch has been a complete disaster.  I really wish it weren't this way, yet due to Google's lack of communication with it's customers, that's exactly the situation we are facing.  

From a botched definitive initial launch time, to Play Store crashes, to  lost orders, orders in limbo, a complete lack of "first come, first serve" ordering, and flat out LIES to customers by customer service reps, it baffles me as to how Google can sit idly by and not give their customers any type of indication as to what is going on.  It has been almost a week since the initial launch, and a large amount of customers have yet to receive a single piece of communication from Google!  Not even an order confirmation, let alone any real order/shipping communication.  For some, the only record of their purchase is the fact that Google charged/withdrew the money from their bank accounts!

It's 2012, and this is NOT Google's first rodeo.  You have launched multiple devices via the Market/Play Store, and every single device launch has been plagued with problems.  Technical issues aside, the majority of the backlash against Google is due to the lack of transparency and communication.  No company in 2012 operating an eCommerce store of any sort should be allowed to operate this way, and Google is no exception.  The mere fact that Google's technical prowess lies in managing data and processing transactions of said data, leaves people stunned that device launches like these continue to happen.  

Early adopters continue to be punished, when in reality, they should be the first to be rewarded.  We are the 1%.  We are the technical elite who mod, hack, and develop for our phones, and for Google's ecosystem.  We are the ones who submit bug reports, leverage, and contribute back to the open source community that Android is built upon.  We follow the tech blogs religiously and read/write reviews.  We are the folks who willingly help our family and friends navigate through the oft-confusing and overwhelming world of technology.  We proudly sing the praises of Android, and preach the Nexus name.  We are the 1%.  The 1% that people say manufacturers "don't care about", or don't design technology for.  You see, we always felt that Google was different; that it was a company made up of people just like us.  We had always thought that Google not only understood us, but that they were ONE OF US.  This is the reason I am the owner of a Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7.  After suffering through the disaster that was the Nexus 7 launch, and now being subjected to the Nexus 4 launch just months later, I am starting to feel differently about Google.  

"I have dreamed a dream... And now that dream is gone from me."

Almost a week has gone by with little to no word on what is happening with Nexus 4 orders.  Those who stayed up late, or got up early; those who missed work or school, or hit refresh 8 trillion times to try and get their orders in are now hurt.  We feel cast aside by the very same company who we have been trying to reward; not only for their technical greatness, but for their shared philosophy.  That is The Open Source Way, and the Nexus 4 launch, has been anything but Open. 

Google, your greatest marketing asset  the community around Android - the 1% - deserves better.  We deserve answers, and you owe it to us to make things right. 
I got my order in within 10 minutes of them going on sale (12:10 EST, Nov 13th), then got a confirmation of the order 30 minutes later. 6 days passed and the Google Play store now lists my order date as the 19th! But no backorder email (as some have received) and no change in the status at the Google Play store! Expected shipping is still listed as the 15th!

Does +Google Play know that the page at does not issue a confirmation email though it's response page says it will? Do they know that the checkbox for "5 short survey questions" seems not to work?

So I called into the helpful reps. They offered to waive the shipping on the phone. That was nice, but some honest communication about the status of my order would have been better. At the end of the call the rep was to transfer me to a customer satisfaction survey, and the call dropped!

Like many others I've been told "within 3 weeks" by the support reps. My rep said they would personally handle my case, but that's got to be a lie, because I'm sure they had to take the call of the next disgruntled person to call in.

This experience has really tarnished Google's brand in my eyes. How could they be this terribly incompetent? How could they mangle customer expectations so horribly?
I dont know what is worse. Not getting an update from LIPA for 2 weeks when my electricity was coming on or when Google giving me an update what happened to my order what it will seem for 3 weeks...
Ok, so you sat in the Google meeting room with your flamboyant shirt and you talked the phone up on how great it is!  Yeah I'm looking at you Mr. Duarte!!!  Guess what? I ordered it, granted wasn't an order within the 5 minutes the phone went on sale but I was within the hour!  Now where is my phone!!!?? Oh it's on backorder, blah blah blah, we didn't have enough, blah blah blah, we are giving them out in the order the orders were received, blah blah blah, TOTAL COMPLETE LIES BY THE CS DEPT.  AND TOTAL SILENCE BY THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE!!!!  SAY SOMETHING!!!  I DARE YOU!!!  I DOUBLE DARE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!
Hopefully Google is getting their A team involved with this debacle because it is becoming increasingly clear that something is woefully wrong with this particular corner of the googleverse.
What is the general consensus for people that are in the same situation as myself?  I ordered within the first 5 mins of the N4 going on sale.  Received my confirmation email stating the order was received.  Still to this day my order is showing as Pre-Ordered on the Play Store and I have not received a backorder email or an email with a tracking number.  I contacted the CSR dept via phone and they said my order may be backordered and could take up to 3 weeks and shipping will be waived.  Has anyone else in my situation received a different response?
Even my city and school sent out an apology email and detailed explanation of how a mistake was happened, what they are going to do to prevent such small mistake in future. And yet, +Google  +Nexus, despite being a billion dollar comany - has no idea how to handle (or not to create) such a massive screwup. 
I did : I am in the exact same situation as Adam Slobodian BUT CSR told me that there was no WAY it was back order just going to ship very soon. I even have a email conversation to prove what he told me
Stuck in limbo, five calls into CSR, false promises, lies and misrepresentations. No back order email, no shipping email, no nothing. You lost a customer Google. Unacceptable.
It's clear now that calling CS is doing nothing but wasting our time. We need to go to the news outlets The Verge, Engadget, Android Headlines, etc. The petition at just reached 1,000 signatures in only a few days and we're all still waiting in limbo a week later. No company no matter how big should be allowed to get away with treating customers like this. It's time to act. If we don't, what's going to stop this from happening with the next major launch?
At this point, it would seem like a miracle if we could even get a hint at if/when they might make an announcement that they will be sending out an email letting us know what's going on.

Also, UPS has probably spent millions on a huge marketing campaign about their "Logistics" for the past year or so, maybe this should be used as a case against their claimed expertise.
Ordered a Nexus 10 on Tuesday. Received the confirmation email. That was the last time I heard from +Google and my $445.
Fuck ups, fuck Google
I'm done with this shit 
I'm getting the note 2. can't stay too long without a smartphone after losing my GS2. This is what i was going to get originally anyway before i heard of the Nexus announcement.  Now i can't even get my hands on one!
Ordered one minute after it is available, get nothing, even a piece of info, so far.
+Shuyao Hong I am in the same situation so many of us are
+Francis Thibault Yes, I know so many people out there having the same limbo situation. Terribly, it's like punching in faces of Nexus brand's most loyal customers. 
At very least, I need a backorder email rather than leaving in limbo.
Just got off the phone with Google (for the 7th time). I got this email afterwards. After I told the guy that they were clueless and I wanted to talk with someone else, he told me that they got this new information about an hour ago.  Hope it's true!:

"If you ordered on 11/13, and your order is not back stocked. Your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If you haven't already received a shipping confirmation email that contains the tracking number, you should receive one by end of day today. However, please note that it can take up to 1 business day for the tracking number to be activated. Rest assured that once you receive your ship confirmation email with your tracking number, it is in the process of shipping for an estimated arrival of Tuesday, Nov. 20."
Seems to only be relevant to US orders, UK has had nothing at all since last week.....
ordered a N7 3G on launch day at 12:07 EST.  After 2 phone-calls received an email from the Rep that my order is scheduled for 2morrow but nothing on Wallet or an email notification The market shows it as Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012). 

The irony? The G7 3G is still on stock at the website, but not my order.  The second irony? Ordered a case and a screen protector from amazon a couple of hours after my google order and chose free shipping.Received those today...
It's getting beyond ridiculous someone has to step out and tell us what,s going on. I have someone waiting to buy my old phone and I look like a fool trying to sell it and let that buyer know that I might not be able to sell it finally until i don't know when!
Even a sorry about the play store hanging which caused a lot of us NOT to get an order in.
It looks like devices are shipping!  Just got my email.  Did a fire get lit under some behinds? +Alex Paluzzi 
Anyone got a shipment in LA,California
I'll put this here again:

Just got off the phone with Google (for the 7th time). I got this email afterwards. After I told the guy that they were clueless and I wanted to talk with someone else, he told me that they got this new information about an hour ago.  Hope it's true!:

"If you ordered on 11/13, and your order is not back stocked. Your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If you haven't already received a shipping confirmation email that contains the tracking number, you should receive one by end of day today. However, please note that it can take up to 1 business day for the tracking number to be activated. Rest assured that once you receive your ship confirmation email with your tracking number, it is in the process of shipping for an estimated arrival of Tuesday, Nov. 20."
hmm. doubt it, CSR said 3 weeks to me even tho he said "there is nothing wrong with your order" LOL, got confirmation email. I did not get a back ordered email so we shall see.
'Customer Limbo Award 2012' goes to Google Corp.
I whole heartily agree with this post.  Google sort it out.
Google still needs to figure out this limbo world... many of us are still sitting here with no real answers and just "guesses" I really would like to see something about my order.... and everyone elses order... 
I missed out ordering the Nexus 4 (in Australia). I would just love to be able to order one. I don't care if it's weeks away, but if I could just know I was in the queue for the next batch, it would mean a lot. Why doesn't +Google +Nexus let ppl place orders so they know how many they need to churn out for the second batch... If I miss out again I'm going to be doubly cheesed off. Please and thank you!
I am from india and i can bet that the small scale shopping websites are far far much better than the giant google ! .... I have order the nexus via some friend of mine on november 28 and we got shipping date for 4-5 weeks ! .. WTF was that.. 4-5 weeks :O , Never Seen this before ! SHAME ON U GOOGLE , COME TO INDIA THE DABBAWALA'S OF MUMBAI WILL SHOW YOU A BETTER WAY OF SHIPPING AND WILL GIVE U TIPS ON MANUFACTURING TOO ! 
I ordered mine on the 27th and haven't received any updates or anything regarding my order status. It just says "pending" on the order status. Now, considering that it said 4-5 weeks on the email I was fine with waiting, until I heard about people ordering it on the 5th of December and receiving it on the 7th.. 

If you scroll down a little, you can see the picture of the guy that order it on the 5th and got it on the 7th.

Is this proof that Google's ordering system is just completely random?
Oh, wait I wouldn't know because Google hasn't given anyone a sold answer.

Ugh, I still respect Google, I am just tired of waiting and seeing people that ordered way after me get their product before me.  

Please Google, just let us know what's going on. We still love you, even though bad experiences like these do seem to drive customers away :(