A few people might remember that I was working on a Fighter variant a while ago (the Peerless Fighter/Armsmaster Fighter). After stalling on it for a few months, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it, so here it is.

The point of the Peerless Fighter was to come up with a Fighter variant that was more about knowing how to use your gear than about being strong or having a special sword, and that had a few more things to do outside of combat. It's not a completely radical departure from the core Fighter, but there's more of a focus on the Fighter as a weapon/armour master (Armor Mastery is starting and BBLG and advance, for example, that way the Fighter gets the ability to spend armor points to negate damage as a unique shtick).

Major changes compared to the previous version (if anyone remembers it) include ditching Signature Weapon for a weapon style mechanic (which makes a lot more sense re: the "best use of your gear" angle) and tweaking Armor Mastery/getting rid of the +armor moves to try to make him less tough (ran a playtest where the Fighter had 5 armor and was basically invulnerable).

I'd love some feedback on the weapon style options (since I feel they're a bit boring), and if anyone wants to use the class in their game and let me know how Armor Mastery works out for them without the extra +armor moves, that'd be great, thanks!
The Peerless Fighter.pdf
The Peerless Fighter.pdf
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