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The last programming language rant I had was about "We are just like X but better" languages which I did not want to waste my time on...

Now let me add to that: If you are extending the language by adding something that you can already do in the original language via a DSL or a loadable lib, then you are simply adding redundant complexity.

One should throw stuff out and generalize and not add bloat to the core. The only thing that should be changed in the core is adding the ability to do a specific feature, unless this ability was specifically designed out of it in the first place.

So now there are two categories of languages that I'm biased against:
- new languages "just like but better than X" that I mentioned before or a more radical "simply better than X in every way", and
- old languages that evolve by adding and adding stuff without ever removing anything...

BTW, and believe it or not there are languages that fit into BOTH the above categories at the same time that people are fanatic about!!!

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100% with you!! addition, all this defensive programming amounts to added code and added complexity that the poor paranoid programmer has to maintain and debug, as well as code to get around all those barriers in cases when you actually need to use that code from outside the intended context... and that paranoid author is lucky if its him/her who has to do it all, the unlucky ones are the other folk who face the choice to either reimplement something again or hack the existing system knowing that all attempts to push the resulting patches up to the mainstream will be met with the traditional "you are doing it wrong" then after lots of explaining "no, this breaks the isolation model" and "it's not hard to implement what you need in your code, just copy/fork it from our system"...

The moment I see a lib written in this manner I'm looking for an alternative, in the long run these tend to only get worse and then at times die the "we'll just rewrite the whole thing correctly" death ;)

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Inventing the Unix "sudo" command - Interview wit…:

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