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So, I made noises some time ago about how I don't want another 2.6.39 where the numbers are big enough that you can't really distinguish them.

We're slowly getting up there again, with 3.20 being imminent, and I'm once more close to running out of fingers and toes.

I was making noises about just moving to 4.0 some time ago. But let's see what people think.

So - continue with v3.20, because bigger numbers are sexy, or just move to v4.0 and reset the numbers to something smaller?
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I like big versions, and I cannot lie
v4.0, 'cause I get confused easily
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Alex NDS

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Alex NDS

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Read this BEFORE you write me a mail! 
A little rant and info :).

The amount of work i put into answering an email is related to the amount of work you put into writing it.

If you just write a mail saying "It doesn't work", that's the least effort you could do.
If you then write in ALL CAPS or put it all in the subject of an email, there is a good chance that mail goes right into the trash can.

If you write mails like a human being, you will get an answer in a timely fashion from a human being (i.e. me).

You would think that this is common sense, but apparently it's not. Though i recognize that I'm not reaching that audience with this post, but i needed to vent a little...

On a side note, would people please stop mailing me paranoid conspiracy theories about governments or your SO hacking your phone.
No one is hacking your phone and no i can neither log into your phone nor "counter hack" someone ಠ_ಠ ...
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