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Where's my hat?
Where's my hat?

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I want to add a custom icon font. I used icomoon to generate it and added the .ttf and .json file to the icons folder. However, I get no preview of the icons and nothing loads. I've tried messing with the .json file but I still get nothing.

Is there a tutorial for this? I've searched all day and can't find anything.

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Here's a shot of the Launcher and the Player from Banded Rainmeter Skin.

#banded #icons #arandompackage

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Ever thought to yourself:

"Damn. I wish Banded Icons were available for my PC or Mac."?

Today, Banded welcomes a new member to the family! With plenty of popular app themed across platforms and some Rainmeter skins in beta are included. Geeklets for Mac users are coming soon. (I'm still learning.)

Today is also the day I relaunch my site! You can now purchase themes directly from me. Don't worry though, I'm leaving them on the Play Store too.

Check it out!

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For those that missed it last night. Pre-order your t shirts now to get them by the holidays!

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Shirts are at the printers. They will be ready to ship in time for the holidays. Check out the shop y'all.

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Morning everyone. :)
We'll call this progress. Good morning wake and bakers! Have a killer weekend!

#wheniwashigh   #legalizeit   #election2016  

What up everyone? I know it's been a while since you've heard from me and yes, I am still making icons. However I have a new gig and finally wanted to share what we've been working on with y'all.

The G+ page is lacking but our Instagram and FB are starting to blow up. Give us a follow and check out the site.

Webshop (the tshirts say out of stock but that just means they are at the screen printers and we are waiting for them)




I'll be announcing whats next for Arandompackage in a few short days. Stay tuned. Hope y'all have been well!

New Banded beta will be live shortly. Switched the dashboard source to Icon Showcase.

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Update to Hexacon is rolling out.

- 10 New Icons; Allo, Duo, Link2SD, Lloyds, My5, Premier League, Prisma, Ryan Air, Simple Radio & Vodafone. Updated the Tendere icon.

- A few activity fixes.

Need to test the new Request Manager for the Polar Dashboard. Open the app and find the request icons link (in the drawer) and let me know what happens. If a list of apps to select pops up go ahead and send the request.
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