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Still need art for the Horde of Corpses game! If you have no idea what I'm going on about, read here:

Basically I need people who can't draw for shit to send me scanned pencil or pen & ink artwork depicting scenes or characters from a run-of-the-mill zombie film. Think - 'Shit I would have doodled on my character sheet when I was 12' and you're in the zone. Also, thanks to those who already sent me stuff!

Here are some samples - this is the kind of stuff I'm looking for. The more it looks like you were convinced of your own genius and yet failed miserably, the better.
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This sounds like something I would be capable of.
Awesome, Bret - let me know if you come up with something!
Oh, shit, Ryan - that's awesome...and fast!
Sounds like fun! Maybe I can doodle something in my sketchbook on the busride home today, lol.
That would be awesome, Emily - I'd love to have something of yours to grace my terribad game!
Thanks. I hope it's not too good. ;-)
Goodness knows I'm in enough meetings that cause me to doodle anyway... might as well put the time to good use. ;)
+Ryan Shelton It was perfectly crappy - just what I wanted!

+Emily Vitori Oh god - I remember meetings. It's one of the reasons I left corporate life :( So many horror stories.
I was once kicked out of a meeting by the Director of Marketing who got pissed because I demanded honesty in blind e-mail campaign. "Hey Mayo, why don't you go see what they're serving for lunch downstairs," was more or less what he told me.
Ugh... Marketing... thankfully I just work in a claims department so I'm able to retain at least some of my soul, lol.
Well, I was actually part of a software company Art department which was subservient to the whims of Marketing. Makes me shudder thinking about it.
+Stacey Chancellor - Oh without a doubt... still pays the bills, though... which is more than I could say for my teaching job, unfortunately.

Marketing and Sales, though... there's a special circle of Hell dedicated to people good at that, lol.
Unfortunately, insurance is like an umbrella: it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
I always kept mine on me when I worked for insurance, but I had a decoy available in case somone came for it.
I was thinking about this last night and thought it might be good to set a deadline of sorts - so at least I'll have an idea as to when I can really buckle down and start dropping in artwork. How about Tax Day - 4/15? That's a good two months or so.
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