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Hey all - I'm setting up a publisher's account for DriveThruRPG and I'm wondering about the pro's and cons of an Exclusive Account vs a Non-Exclusive Account. The benefits of an Exclusive Account seem minimal - 5% extra revenue and some bonus spotlight time in the store rotation. 

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+Joe Johnston Weeell, they don't do it all - most of it is still on the publisher. But I take your point. My eventual plan is to stick up all my games (which vanishingly few people are interested in playing anyway) on OBS and then forget about them.  
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Alex Mayo

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I am saddened knowing that no matter how much imagination and sweat I pour into a campaign setting map, I will never be able to top 'Kanga Rat Murder Society'.

I take solace in knowing that every other person to create a campaign map faces the exact same problem.
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+Dennis Higgins I bought them a while back before the prices skyrocketed. THANK GOD. They go for upwards of $150 each now.
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Alex Mayo

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Running Zardoz in the background and listening the audio while I work is a wonderful way to keep the weirdness flowing.
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Read the novelization in '74 when I was 13. Didn't get to watch it until around 2004. On my list of top 10 favorite films. Part of my Personal Appendix N.
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Alex Mayo

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Amazon dropped some weird science on my doorstep.
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Ah that's probably the one I grabbed.
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Alex Mayo

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Point Defiance. Been here two days and I think I'm already in love with my new home.
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Jim Cox
I have lots of family there and spent time there as a kid - so much to do and explore. Go all over Puget Sound, get out on the water, go out to the Hoh Rainforest, Mt. Ranier, Snoqualmie Falls, go fishing, orca watching, smelt fishing, go to Seattle 'beaches' in the summer. It can rock. Also, Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. Seattle Science Center, Sound Museum, Sounders games.. Red Hook brewery.. Native American museums, Cape Flattery... it's quite a world!
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Alex Mayo

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Okay! Here's the issue I was alluding to in the other post. 

So a while back, if you recall, I decided to make T-Shirts available from my site. Thing is, I need to sell 25 shirts to clear a modest profit. And so far I think I've moved five. So - I need to sell 20 shirts...or I can refund everyone who's ponied up. I'm not averse to refunding folks, obviously. If it has to be done, I'll do it. But I'd really like to get these things into people's hands. So - I guess I need a little push. If you're interested in a shirt, cool! Or if not, help spread the word a bit? I think 20 more shirts is totally doable in a week or two.

So...yeah. That's it in a nutshell.
Okay, here it is. As mentioned previously each design will be made available for a limited time, one month at the beginning of each season. Seeing as this month is running a little late I'll be tak...
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What +AJ Fritz said, but a hoody!
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Alex Mayo

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Okay, I know that Libertarian ideology tends to draw some pretty terrible knee-jerk reactions from people. And I've been as guilty in that regard as anyone. There are things about it that just rub me the wrong way for....reasons.

That said, some of the best people I know are Libertarians. So - I'm wondering if there are G+ folks on here who aren't Libertarians or generally Libertarian-friendly who can articulate anything they like about Libertarian ideology.

Please note: I'm not inviting people to shit on Libertarians here. I'd invite my Libertarian friends in  as well, and I hope we can all be adults and play nice...disagreement on a political level doesn't mean we have to loathe each other personally.
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+Christopher Weeks I agree with that general criticism. I do not think the process is as automatic and a-rational as he suggests; the intuitions he speaks of are influenced by learning and culture. Nevertheless an amazing book.
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Alex Mayo

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I keep eyeing my Dragonquest 2e Box Set and wondering if that thing should be OSR'ed....


(+Chris Klug this is all your fault!)
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Sure, If you haven't already had one with +Alex Mayo 
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Alex Mayo

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Uhhh no thanks, Facebook. I would not like to Friend the woman I was dating last year. I have plenty of problems to deal with already thankyouverymuch.
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I never hear good stories about the sorts of things Facebook does automatically "for you."
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Alex Mayo

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Anyone have time for a quick Hangouts video call to test my connection?
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Man. I miss all the good hangouts.
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Alex Mayo

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Spotted lurking on a game store shelf here in Tacoma. +James Maliszewski
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Let me know when you will be at the Games Matrix again. I live 5 miles from there... I do not hang out in Olympia so if that is where you will be at, take care....
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Alex Mayo

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I find the idea that there's a such thing as 'neurotypical' kind of laughable. I was talking to my Tacoma chat-buddy Nybe last night and the subject turned towards mental illness.

And I kept thinking - what the fuck does it mean to be normal in that context?  Our minds are the product of a chaotic stew of brain chemistry and meat. Never mind mental illness...I'm amazed our minds function at all.

The idea that mental illness is seen as a weakness or flaw is almost laughable to me. Hell - the idea of being normal is laughable to me. When I see someone who appears to be perfect on the outside, or who projects an image of perfection, the first thing that enters my mind is FUCKING LIAR.


We all wear masks. All of us. There's a weird social contract, something unspoken, which tells us to all pretend to a certain baseline of 'normalcy' so that when we all enter a public space we're all scrubbed clean of our idiosyncracies and rough edges. And when you get to know someone, maybe....MAYBE...behind closed doors you can reveal your damage, show them who you are. And maybe over time you can let them in in small doses. And if you're lucky they'll accept you for who you are, and vice versa.

How is this a healthy way to live? In any way? It creates such fear and uncertainty and creates an entire society of liars. Like I said, when I met Nybe it was kind of amazing to just be able to unload my trashbag full of issues and say 'We cool?'

Society expects us to be mathematically perfect spheres and any deviation from that makes you into one kind of pariah or another. Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not enough money in your account, not happy enough, not...whatever. The list goes on, and on, and on. And despite a metric fuckton of media which deftly portrays the human condition, all our foibles and failures, our sadness and suffering....we still expect perfection from each other.

I just don't get it. I don't. I told her - give me a mutant. Give me the weird. The fucked up. I want to know about your damage. Your pain, Your sadness. The things that give you hope when you have none, and the things that take it away. Because that's where poetry comes from. That's where music comes from. Literature. ART.

There's a place for mathematical perfection - for expecting repeatable, testable, reliable outcomes. That's Science.

People aren't science. Oh, sure Science can explain why our cells do what they do - why we die, why our hair falls out, or why eating Draino is a bad idea. But that's not what people are. People are messy bags of meat and fluid which somehow give rise to something emergent and wonderful. I'm not saying there's anything particularly mystical about this...but I do think we do ourselves a disservice as a society for expecting Science where we should be expecting Art.

People are Art - fucked up and beautiful in all their myriad diversity. From the highest to the lowest among us. There are no rules except the bullshit that keeps being fed to us by the shallowest among us.
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To my detriment I did not understand "smalltalk" when I was growing up. Why would people want to talk about stupid things? Why would they bring up something as irrelevant as "the weather"? I had to slowly train myself to find things that were of calculatedly mutual disinterest in order to navigate this social grey area.
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