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I think my time with Kali Perry is at an end. She was good to me, guided me through the nigredo and into a place where I can move forward. But now that a lot of unessential garbage has been burned away I think I need a new godform.

Thinking of going a little more trad as I graduate to a better place.
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Scrap Princess?
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Alex Mayo

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My first full color piece. This is the cover for the Kickstarter Backers edition of +Mike Evans Hubris campaign setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics system. Can't wait to see this on the finished book :)
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Alex Mayo

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Clyde is a badass podcaster and one hell of a good guy - both good reasons to support this.
Have you ever wanted more Theory From the Closet? Or to participate in voluntary Socialism? Or maybe voluntary trickle down economics? Here's a chance to do one or all of those things. There are no rewards, no muss, no fuss. Just a chance to increase my feeling stupid, and who would not want to be involved in that?
Follow Clyde on Patreon: Read posts by Clyde on the worlds largest platform enabling a new generation of creators and artists to live out their passions!
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Alex Mayo

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Question - would people buy shirts with any of that Lovecraft artwork? If so, which ones are you partial to - if I were to offer say...a couple of them?
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is it RedBubble that does shirts as well as leggings and skirts? Azathoth. All day. 
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Alex Mayo

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Work in progress. Shoggoth.
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I'm expecting an intellectually-stimulating yet profoundly-disturbing guitar solo now.
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Alex Mayo

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I created a collection for all my Chaos Magick case this stuff squicks people out.

Opt out if you must.
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So far, I remain unsquicked, and mildly curious. 
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Alex Mayo

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Sharing this public, as some people can't see it apparently:

Hey all - I haven't been around much and obviously there are a few things I need to address. I've been having some issues on my end and frankly I haven't been handling them in a very good fashion. I won't bore you with all the details, some of it is related to depression (go figure) but the larger part of it is just plain old me not dealing with things the way I should: long story short, the bulk of my absence and what not is because I went back to working a day job...which in normal circumstances wouldn't be an issue, but in my case it involves a shitload of commute time. Upwards of six hours a day on public transit requiring me to be up at 4:30 and I generally don't get home until 9pm or so.

Anyway, there are two outstanding things I want to address:

1.) Yes, there are some people who are still waiting for me to send the stuff they purchased from me (again). I should have figured that selling a bunch of stuff at one time would work out as well as it did in the past but desperation made me dump a bunch of things and...I didn't follow up. Anyway, I still have the items that need to go out. So here's how I plan to handle that. I can ship the items out, one per day, over the next week or so (I don't have wheels and I need to cart them one at a time ot the post office near my job). Or I will happily refund the money. If you purchased an item from me please let me know which you prefer and I'll work it out.

2.) Freelance work - yes, I am miserably behind on a number of gigs I have on my plate. This really does simply boil down to the fact that right now I have had enough time to work and sleep during the week. That said, I need to carve out a bit of time now and then to knock some things out and make progress. I am in the process of getting my car fixed - which will help the commute - and after that, finding an apartment closer to my job. Once the latter is done I'll be capable of getting back up to speed with my freelance work.

Anyway - that's the long and short of it. I'm a fuckup and...I fucked up. Again. Moving out here has been bumpier than I expected, but - fingers crossed - I should have something resembling a normal life back soon.

I'm not asking for anyone's forgiveness - you don't owe it to me, and frankly I'm aware that all this is my fault. I should have addressed this sooner but...I was tired, exhausted, and chose to deal with it in a very unproductive avoiding the issue(s).

Anyway, that's where I'm at.
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Good to hear your voice (so to speak)!
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Alex Mayo

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Awww man. Darwyn Cooke died. Fuck cancer.
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Jim Cox
I'd been to parties with him too. SDCC when some yahoo hit him over the head with a bottle. Cancer is really starting to piss me off.
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Alex Mayo

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Alex Mayo originally shared:
Have some things I need to unload - email me ( if interested:

Gamma World 2e box set $50
Star Frontiers box set (original blue box) $35
Traveller: 2300 box set $20
Pendragon 5e harcover $15

s/h to be determined.
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Hi +Alex Mayo,
Is 2300 still available?
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Alex Mayo

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Whipped something up for +Christopher Mennell 's Ultramassive & Unexplained. Totally different thing from my usual style - kind of riffing on a cross between Paul Pope and Dr. Seuss.
More Ultramassive & Unexplained artwork, this time by +Alex Mayo!

I'm thinking the puppy dog-like alien is actually a sinister crime boss and the taller green alien is his lackey.

I'm suddenly imagining a web comic.

On an unrelated topic, I have the theme song for Pinky & the Brain running through my head....
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Alex Mayo

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Since a few people expressed interest, I opened a section of my CafePress store featuring artwork from some of the Lovecraft stock art things I've been doing.

Working on making the artwork suitable for print on dark shirts as well (although several of the pieces probably work better on dark shirts), but if you're interested on the existing pieces on a white shirt, here you go.
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Alex Mayo

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Friendly reminder - today is the last day to get this at $2! That's four Lovecraft Certified critters for $2 which you can use in a commercial product!

After today the price will begin it's inexorable climb to more sane price levels for commercially-usable artwork!
Lovecraft Pack #2 - Mythos Monsters (COMMERCIAL USE) - (NOTE: This product is ON SALE until Friday, March 11th. Beginning Saturday the 12th I will increase the price $2 each d
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Bargain! Grabbed it :)
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