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#vExpert 2012 applications are now officially open. All my virtualization-savvy friends, go throw your hat in!
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i need help in this.. i have given tonnes of presentations regarding VMware products and Private Cloud.. but all in my company.. the form is asking for blogs and all too.. i haven't blogged about all this.. this has been my internal company related work.. so how should i apply?? and my company is a Partner with VMware..

help pls... :-|
You do not have to fill in ALL the fields, only the ones that you have something to say in :) -- if your most important contributions were internal, you may want to consider applying in the Customer or VPN path. Look at the questions in each of them and pick the one where you think you can highlight your strengths the best.
Thanks Alex for the reply.. however i tried that too.. in the Customer and VPN Path its mandatory to have a VMware employee as a reference to qualify as a vExpert on the Customer path.. where do i get a VMware Employee form?? :-D
Try talking to the VMware contact that manages your employer's partnership with VMware Yohan, someone who knows you and can verify that you did all this internal work.
hmmm.. ok Alex.. thanks for all the help :) appreciate it.. :)