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The 2013 Ontario Liberal Party Leadership Convention. The last delegated convention in Canada political history (one hopes). Two shots of the convention floor, one of #WynneNow HQ.
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Come one come all to Ottawa's second Hacks and Hackers tomorrow at 7:00pm. The event brings together the city's hack (journalists) and hackers (technologists) to discuss the growing intersection of the fields. There's speakers from (TO-based start up for social data sharing), the city's Open Data staff, and a local practitioner.

If you're in town, you should definitely check it out.

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Welcome to Google+, from a veteran of sorts.

So they opened up the access to this thing, and after it was dead for weeks, I see a bunch of new people here. Here's your briefing.

The good news about Google+ is that it is a lot less close and creepy and too-much-information than Facebook. People here seem less likely to post vacation photos, or any photos, and talk less about their birthdays or facials or whatever. Instead there seems to have been a collective decision that Google+ is for discussion about public events, trivial or otherwise.

The bad news about Google+ is that most people don't have a lot they want to say about public-events-noticed-by-other-people, so things have been awfully quiet after the original buzz.

Maybe that'll change.

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Five year goal, be in this conversation.

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+Travis Boisvenue introduces us to the wonder of the Ottawa region's finest craft beer: Beau's.

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In response to one of my first posts on G+, yes! It can play Farmville.

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Alex Lougheed changed his profile photo.

But will it play FarmVille?

When are they releasing Google☾ in the middle east?
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