Shape Shifter v0.2.0 is now live!

This is a HUGE update with a TON of new features. The most significant improvement is that it is now possible to morph paths with different amounts of subpaths. For example, the GIF below illustrates a path morphing animation that morphs an overflow icon with 3 subpaths into a back arrow with 1 subpath. These types of animations are easy to create using the new "split subpath" mode, which allows you to cut SVG paths into multiple parts without altering their initial appearance. Check out the YouTube video below for a short example.

Other improvements include the ability to add split points directly to the canvas using the mouse, the ability to morph SVGs with differently sized viewports, a simpler UI for adding rotation to the final animation, and much, much more (see the changelog below).

A ton of work went into this release, so I'm excited to see what you all think. That said, there is still more I want to improve, so stay tuned for v0.3.0! :)

Live version:

Full changelog:

How to create a play-to-pause animation in ~10 seconds:

p.s. Spread the word if you can! I want to get as much feedback on the tool as possible. :)
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