Protip to all the idiotic Android fanboys out there: When the lead designer of Android offers to answer your questions about the latest version, ask him some fucking DESIGN questions.

You retards filled the thread with complaints and arguments about SD cards and LTE, and ruined a great opportunity to learn more about Android 4.2. He responded once and stopped, because you people have no idea how to treat a VIP, have no self restraint, and generally just acted like a bunch of entitled assholes.

It wouldn't surprise me if this never happens again after the way you all have conducted yourselves, but if it does, here are some tips that will hopefully stop everyone from fucking it up again.

First some general stuff:

1) Don't ask about unreleased products or announcements. He's not allowed to talk about them. This includes carrier availability, country availability, update ETAs, source code ETAs, unreleased apps, or unreleased features.

2) Don't use the thread to whine about things you don't like. Saying "I won't buy your product because it doesn't have X" is not a productive thing to say. The interviewee doesn't have to be here answering your questions, and he is a busy person, you've just wasted his time.

3) Don’t ask questions that have already been answered, or questions that are easily Googleable. We know Google doesn’t like SD cards, the reasoning (managing 2 storage pools is hard) has already been answered a year ago by an Android Engineer. 

4) Don’t ask questions that have already been asked. 500 people asking “Why isn’t there a 32GB version” is just clutter. If he wants to answer it he will. (However, this violates rule #1, so he won’t.)

Second, here are some more specific examples of things to not do, that actually happened in that thread:

- Don’t tell him to “change his shirt”. That's insulting, petty, and stupid.

- Don’t use the thread to try and sell your old Galaxy Nexus. No one cares and Matias certainly isn't going to buy it from you. He has one already.

- Don’t phrase your question in the form of “Why the 10" UI had to be royally screwed up?” That’s disrespectful AND grammatically oblivious.

- Don’t respond to answers with “Matias, are you shitting me?” or refer to an answer as “bullshit.”

Alternatively you could just ask your mommy or daddy to teach you some manners or show you how to treat someone respectfully.

90% of the brain-dead fanboys in that thread acted like spoiled pieces of shit. They greatly discouraged the Android team from interacting with the public again in an open forum like G+, and ruined our chance to learn more about 4.2. Way to fuck it up.
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