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How do I get photosphere? 4.2?
+Varun Arora I got them off an Android fanboy site when it first came out... it has since gotten taken down at Google's request, apparently. You need a rooted nexus device in order to flash it onto your phone (and it might not be worth it with the N7 since it doesn't have a back-facing camera). I'm sure I still have the .zip file somewhere on my computer if you want me to try and find it lol
Posting at 1 am my choice of words wasn't the best :) ... I wanted to know how you got Photosphere on your phone...
+David Cesarino I got it from +Android Police ... although they have since taken down the mirrors at Google's request. I think I still have a copy somewhere on my computer if you want it... all you have to do is flash the .zip file using clockwork mod :)
Already with 4.2 takju here since yesterday. :)
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