Converting SVG elliptical arc to bezier curves

I whipped up a simple program that does it in case anyone is curious. It's not the most advanced command line program in the world, but the math is all there.

It turns out there is a bug with the way vector drawables parse certain elliptical arc commands in API 21-23 (but fixed by API 24), which is why I worked around the issue by replacing them with bezier curves. If you look at the source code (, the framework does this conversion for you at runtime anyway, so replacing them could potentially be more efficient (but I haven't profiled this :P).

Example usage:

$ javac
$ java ArcToBezier 69.4 17.5 17.3 17.3 0 0 0 67.1 4.6
C 70.35 13.07 69.53 8.43 67.10 4.60

Here's the gist:
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