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Ha! Seen outside a bar on Hudson Street. 

+Marisa Kaye 
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--> Insert Joe Swanson laugh
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Alex Lockwood

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Shopping Cart.

By +Shannon Lee.
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why is there no food in there?
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Alex Lockwood

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Nope, I just use straight up Jekyll (Octopress uses Jekyll under the hood but it gives you less control over certain aspects of the site in some respects so I just wrote it from scratch).
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Alex Lockwood

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Today someone saw a typo in my blog and corrected it by submitting a pull request. Open source blogging FTW!

Link to post:
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Would you have felt any differently if somebody had pulled and pushed your post just to correct line 43? 
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Alex Lockwood

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lol, this is great.
Dumb toy.

Bruteforce a git commit hash prefix by altering the committer and author date:

$ go get
$ mkdir repo
$ cd repo
$ git init
$ echo burrito > things-i-love.txt
$ git add things-i-love.txt
$ git ci -m "lo principal"
$ gitbrute --prefix=f00d
$ git show

See commit with prefix "f00d".

Code is at

Example commit:

I'm sorry.
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No commit please... 😂
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Alex Lockwood

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The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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This is such a troll.
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Alex Lockwood

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#chromebleed  chrome extension is working as intended in Google search. :)
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Simulating Activity Configuration Changes

In case you didn't know this method existed... the Activity#recreate() method allows you to programatically trigger Activity configuration changes (available since API 11). I sometimes find it useful as I'm debugging.

public void recreate() Cause this Activity to be recreated with a new instance. This results in essentially the same flow as when the Activity is created due to a configuration change -- the current instance will go through its lifecycle to onDestroy() and a new instance then created after it.

#protip #androiddev
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start to debug mode functionality
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Alex Lockwood

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Yum. With +Shannon Lee.
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i it this ............... :)
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Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Leaky Threads

(c) 2013, Android Design Patterns http://www.androiddesignpatterns.comThis Application is for demonstration purposes only. This sample appli


Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video and anything from the web on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your exi

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Macro View of Map Internals In Go

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It's OK... meh.
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Yay, steak burger!
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