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Alex Lockwood
Blogger, Go Programmer, and Android Enthusiast. Currently at Lyft. Formerly at Google.
Blogger, Go Programmer, and Android Enthusiast. Currently at Lyft. Formerly at Google.


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Introducing Shape Shifter v1.0,

For the past 2 months I've been working tirelessly on merging Shape Shifter and +Roman Nurik​ Android Icon Animator tool into a single web app. Today I am finally ready to release Shape Shifter v1.0, which provides the following features:

* Build layered vector graphics using groups, paths, and clip paths. (
* Create property animations for each individual layer and organize them via a timeline. (
* Edit the individual properties of each layer/property animation by hand and view how they affect the rendered result. (
* Create path morphing animations even if the path strings are incompatible. Shape Shifter will detect whether the path strings are incompatible and will prompt you to either “auto fix” the paths or to fix them by hand. ( Note that pretty much all of the functionality that existed in previous versions of this tool is hidden behind that “edit paths” button in the screenshot, so don’t miss it! :)
* Export the resulting animation to SVG, VectorDrawable, AnimatedVectorDrawable, and SVG spritesheet format (CSS keyframes coming soon).

In addition to these features, Shape Shifter can also be used as a SVG-to-VectorDrawable converter (better than most of the existing conversion tools out there IMO).

It is also a great educational tool for teaching Android developers about AnimatedVectorDrawables (i.e. the layers make up the VectorDrawable specified in the <animated-vector android:drawable=“…”> attribute and the animation blocks are the AVD’s <target> nodes).

There are several demos available to try under “File” —> “Demo”. If you want to create your own icon animations, I recommend downloading/importing some SVGs from and seeing what you can come up with.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more documentation/videos illustrating how to use the tool. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions/ideas for further improving the tool!

Live version:
Video tutorial:
Source code:
Intro to icon animations:
Animated Photo
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Sup G+,

So you probably have noticed I haven't been posting here much. At some point I started using Twitter a lot more. I honestly don't even like Twitter... but that's what most Android developers seem to use these days.

That said, I was pretty sad when I heard earlier today that G+ was getting shutdown. I started working with Android in college around 2012-13, and back then my main source of inspiration came from interacting with other Android developers on G+. People like +Juhani Lehtimäki, +Wolfram Rittmeyer, +Cyril Mottier, +Taylor Ling, and so many others are the main reason why I even felt compelled to continue writing blog posts in the first place.

So... anyway, I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made G+ such an awesome place to be an Android developer. :)

See you all on Twitter!
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On our 100th (!!!) #AndroidDialogs interview, I got to talk to the utterly awesome +Alex Lockwood about Shape Shifter and path morphing. Shape Shifter is web app that allows you to easily create SVG-based icon animations for the web, Android, and iOS. For my Android folks, you can export directly to AnimatedVectorDrawables!

I fell in love with Shape Shifter over a weekend of creating some (I think) cute icon animations for work. It makes me feel like I can finally get those delightful details into my app even though I'm "just an engineer".

Also on a super personal note, I am so happy our 100th interview was with Alex, who I have been following since I started professional Android development.

Thanks sooo much for being on the channel, Alex.

And happy 100th interview to everyone that has been watching us for any length of time over the last (almost) 3 years. This has been one of the most rewarding projects of my life and much love to all of y'all still watching and sharing our work. Extra love to all of our amazing guests as well.

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A couple days ago I open sourced the first alpha release of an animation library I’ve been writing named Kyrie. Think of it as a superset of Android’s VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable classes: it can do everything they can do and more.
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Today is my first day working at Lyft!
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just published a short-ish blog post on nested scrolling. i actually started writing this over a year and a half ago but didn't finish it until now... :P
Experimenting with Nested Scrolling
Experimenting with Nested Scrolling
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avdo is a VectorDrawable & AnimatedVectorDrawable optimization tool i've been working on, similar to svgo.

it is still a work in progress so please report bugs and/or feature requests! :)
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here are the slides for the @droidconSF talk I gave today on path morphing! 🐣
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Donate to Shape Shifter... if you want :)

TL;DR - I just set up an open collective page for Shape Shifter. Become a backer/sponsor here!

Not totally sure what to expect from this to be honest, but figured I might as well give it a shot. I'm working on some big stuff for the next release, but I'll be talking more about that in my Droidcon SF talk in a couple weeks. :)

For a while I was thinking about the possibility of making Shape Shifter a paid product but I eventually decided against it. The whole reason I got so passionate about this in the first place was because I really wanted a tool that was free/accessible to everyone (especially newbie designers like me who weren't about to pay $100+ for Sketch/Illustrator/After Effects/some other design tool that I had no idea how to use).

If you know of anyone who would be willing to donate feel free to send the link their way!
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Do people still use G+? I've been using Twitter way more the past few months.
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