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Alex Limi
VP of Product Design at Highfive, Inc.
VP of Product Design at Highfive, Inc.

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The new Nine Inch Nails album is sublime, definitely his best in a very long time. Get your pre-orders in now!

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Story of every designer’s life. 

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Very excited to join Highfive Inc as their VP of Product Design!

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Thanks for the compliment, +Matias Duarte 

Well played, Futurama. Well played.

A year ago, the MemShrink project started. Firefox is now arguably the best browser when it comes to memory use:

“We now spend almost twice as much on beer as the government spends on research.”

Plone 5 is coming! A reasonable, no-nonsense plan from Eric Steele:

Using an iPhone inside Apple's HQ at 1 Infinite Loop feels surprisingly much like using it anywhere else. 

Fantastic tribute to Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”

Original (best music video of all time?):
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