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New blog post from me.  There is a spot in the comments for you to join me in accomplishing some goals.  Take a read and leave a comment to join!
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Nice to see that you are doing so great :) .. but I think that you are forgetting the most important part. Its "easy" enough to loose weight, the hard part is not to slip into hold habits again after awhile. 
Mark - it's not easy to lose weight. Not for me anyway. But it is also extremely difficult to stay healthy and keep it off. Agreed there.
Sorry, I know its not easy to lose weight (thats why i used the ""), I was just comparing losing weight and staying healthy in the long run. Either way im still impressed by people who can pull it of because I know they have to make huge changes in their lives to do this. 
Ah, my bad!  Missed the "".  Thanks for the support, Mark.
Hey +Alex Lawrence what's up with your site and Disqus? Tried leaving 2 comments, and it is not saving. =(
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