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Simply the best at finding something wrong with everything. Turning complaining into an artform.
Simply the best at finding something wrong with everything. Turning complaining into an artform.

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Fresh batch of games in my NES AtoZ quest!

Here is what I think of them, but make sure to watch the video for the full experience.

Harlem Globetrotters
Another basketball game huh… Well it’s easier to review this one that the others I reviewed because it’s COMPLETE TRASH! I couldn’t even figure out who I was controlling! I couldn’t even begin to complain about how bad the controls were since I had no idea what character was actually under my control. I guess it’s two-player and that is something good. Assuming you waste the time learning how to play it and force someone else to do it with you. Shit.

This is actually created by the maker of Tetris! it’s a shame this game didn’t get even close to the amount of recognitions that Tetris received. Shame because poor Alex didn’t really benefit from the success of Tetris at all despite being the creator. Anyway, in Hatris you must place hats on heads. You want to stack has 3 high to make them disappear and you need quick fingers to manage all your hands. The game is actually quite simple even for NES standards… But isn’t Tetris pretty simple as well?

Heavy Barrel
Another decent top down co-op shooter. Add this to the list of classics like Guerrilla War, and the upcoming Ikari Warriors. I don’t remember at this point but I think this might be tighter and better than the previous entries and if memory serves me right… Ikari Warriors is no prize. If you are looking for a co-op experience on the NES to enjoy with a friend you could probably do worse than Heavy Barrel

Heavy Shredding’
I wanted to hate this, but it actually ended up being not so bad. For some reason it kinda reminds me of the classic old Windows game Ski, and ’s probably based on it. Controls are a little “interesting” but I figured them out pretty easily and I must admit I was having a good time challenging myself to jump over the river. I only had access to the early map, but I imagine the fun will increase with variety.

High Speed
Look! A pinball game and it isn’t even completely horrible! The controls are tight and mostly responsive. I especially like how the screen scrolls to let you follow the ball but still leaves a cross section at the bottom to keep track of your bumpers. I am actually pretty impressed with how colorful and “full of life” this pinball machine appears, considering how the whole thing is essentially one giant sprite. I wonder if there are other tables...
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Been a while but I finally made another post! Playing every game in alphabetical order 5 min each. Check it out:
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I used #Windows10 for like 5 minutes. Obviously it was a failure.

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NES AtoZ 75 picking up some missing pieces from the past. The quest continues!

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Nes AtoZ 73:

Gold 13 - 0/1

Golgo is a side scrolling narrative adventure based on the anime series which I have never watched. That game has a pretty cool style with a mature look. We had a pretty tough time figuring out how not to get hit by bullets in our short time playing, which kinda ruined our fun.

Goonies - 1/1

Goonies is a cool action adventure game which has puzzle/maze gameplay. You must solve rooms by finding keys and blowing stuff up with bombs while avoiding endlessly responding enemies. The controls are right and responsive and the concept was easy to understand. It even has pretty decent music. Clear win.

Goonies II - 1/1

This game is similar to the first Goonies with some notable changes. Your character now has a yoyo as a weapon and they introduced first-person maze stages when you enter rooms. The variety is refreshing but these maze stages are historically very irritating to navigate on the NES and I wish it wasn’t here. Regardless, this game offers a large open world for exploration and pretty straight-forward progression. You find keys, open doors, search rooms for items etc.

Gotcha - 1/1

I didn’t have high hopes for this game, but I was impressed! I guess this is actually a paintball capture the flag game instead of a typical war game. That is an interesting direction. Aside from simply shooting people you need to get to the end of the level and grab a flag, and then get the flag back without getting killed. If the enemy gets your flag, you need to kill the flag-bearer to get your flag back to the start. Awesome game, would be a pleasure to play with a light gun.

Grades - 1/1

Gradius needs to introduction, except for my two guests. One of the classic SHMUPS on the NES and arcade. This game offers a relatively unique power-up scheme, allowing the player to purchase the upgrades they want from an active menu on the bottom of the screen. The power-ups include basic things like speed up, double shot, missile, and laser, but then also some exotic power-ups like the coveted “option” which doubles your firepower. There was never a doubt that this game is getting a one.

Great Waldo Search - 1/1

The game is about as boring as you would think it is, but it actually isn’t bad. I mean realistically what do you expect from a Waldo NES game? This is probably exactly what you are thinking. The game gives you sprawling images full of visual clutter and ask you to locate Waldo and some other random items. The images are larger than the screen and actually have you scrolling left and right to see the entire thing which I thought was pretty innovative.
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Took me FOREVER to get this done. But it's here! NES AtoZ 73

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This is an old review, but I am still in love with my arcade stick. Works great on OSX.

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If you would like to help that would be great! Thanks everyone.

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NES AtoZ Volume 72!

GOAL! TWO - 1/1
This is actually a totally different soccer game then Goal! I did some research and I found out this game is actually a backwards remake of a soccer game on SNES! How interesting. Anyway, this game is a little bit more fun and active but it’s still a pretty boring soccer game. Emily had some fun playing it though.

This game is certainly pretty goofy. It takes place in the year 2XXX for some reason and on an alien planet. The player controls both Godzilla and his childhood friend Mothra on plane divided into hexagons. On the opposite side of the map we have some other freaky monsters which I assume need to be defeated. Each time the players ends a turn they have to battle through the section in a side-scrolling beat ‘em up style. It sucks.

GODZILLA 2 - 0/1
This game went WAY into the strategy direction. It resembles advance wars more than anything else. The side-scrolling segments are gone and we left with just turn-based combat. Another big change is the player no longer controls the monster but the human military.

There is nothing wrong with this game, but in today’s world if you are hungry for a turn based strategy game like this there are many more good ones to emulate. Check out Fire Emblem, Advance Wars or even Final Fantasy Tactics.

GOLF - 0/1
If the creativity of the name alone doesn’t blow you away… The slow boring gameplay definitely won’t. I guess I should call the gameplay boring since I never did figure out how swinging the club actually worked. To be honest I didn’t even remember anything about the gameplay anymore. The character looks a but like Mario.

this is an interesting take on golf because the actual act of swinging doesn’t require any skill. It’s fully automated. All you need to do is set up your shot using a variety of settings including tee height, grip type and stance. It didn’t really make it more fun for me, but for a golf person this might be pretty refreshing? Should probably just play Golden Tee instead.
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