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I'm excited to announce a new open source project I've been working on: the RoboHornet Benchmark. Most browser benchmarks just measure one aspect of performance, such as JavaScript.  RoboHornet isn't like other benchmarks because it encompases all aspects of browser performance and everything that matters to web developers, like performance of layout and localStorage. It's a living, dynamic benchmark that aims to use the collective efforts of the web development community and ultimately get browser vendors to fix real-world performance pain points.

RoboHornet is still in a very early alpha state, but that's where you come in. It's up to you and to propose and vote for performance issues you care about, helping shape the future of the benchmark and effectively defining the areas that browser vendors will invest in making run faster!

You can learn more by checking out or
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nice work :) hope this gets popular :)
for me firefox freezes at opening! the page (not even pressed the run button). Ubuntu 12.04 x64 with Nvidia proprietary driver and firefox 15.0.1 tarball. Edit: Using 17.0a2 (2012-09-25) I can open the page
a better visible information to disable popup blockers may also be good ;) (testing with chrome now). Edit: Chrome 18.0 seems to hang in an endless loop at svg resize.
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