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In Yosemite park with fisheye lens

I am not sure if there are other crazy guys like me who use fisheye almost exclusively when shoot outside, but here you are: I've got in Yosemite park with Canon 8-15mm F4.0L lens.
The only drawback I had for this shot is a lack of polarizer to make river less reflective... but anyway, water came out pretty good.

This is HDR, 3 RAW exposures, assembled in Photomatix and finished in Photoshop.
Because of an extreme angle of fisheye lens, dynamic range is usually quite wide as well, and it is almost impossible to get the whole scene exposed correctly without multiple exposures. But still, we do a quite realistic HDR, isn't it? Even for a hand-held shot:-)

Enjoy and share if you like it:-)
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Ahhh...i love to see shadow in the water so muuuuuch!!!
this is fantastic! Coming from someone that doesn't own any polarizers...this is great without it because I wouldn't know any different! And I can't believe how crisp and sharp the trees and mountains are.
U have great talent to capture beautiful photos through your lens. Thx for sharing.
Is it even possible to use a polarizer on this type of lens?
The depth in this pic is captivating.
In China, you can never find such a clean river.
is this real?where is this place?
Отсутствие "полярика " не помешало Вам сделать прекрасный снимок !
Breathtaking view, thank you for sharing.
LuciO M
Almost as breathtaking as my gf,Carmen. :)
Very beautiful picture. I've been to Yosemite, it is an amazing place. When I look at that picture I feel like I am still standing there.
Pretty, you always think of California as a huge,loud city but that pic. really changes the way you think of it.
wooowwwwwwwwww beautiful.......
That is a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.
daff ml
cantik dan indah
Wow, looks real good!!! Wish I was there!!!
I really love how it turned out. Feels 3D.
if it's true picture clicked by camera, it's absolutely amazing
I was in this very spot last sunday.
I need to break down and buy a Gdamn DSLR and a Fish Eye lens! That is a spectacular image.
love the effort you put into it
and worthy of posting in my classroom
Just imagine... This is what all of our rivers, lakes and streams once looked like.
You are freaking me out - this is super beautiful
Great start posting on Naturegazers Of The World on facebook
Beautiful. Makes me wanna leave here even more
its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa reallllllllllllllll nature
Great pic. We loved camping in Yoswmite. One of the most beautiful places anywhere. We even enjoyed our encounter with the bobcat.
woow, very beautiful, i like it
rather you should try to use
- the chrome format and it will make the picture less reflective cause the colour in this picture is fighting each another.
- the view is not balance try to take the picture using the bridge as middle line of your picture the effect will be amazing.
This is likely (quality wise) one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. Amazing work.
Beautiful pic. Its called, "beauty of the nature".
What are you complaining about? It is a super duper pic.
Wow! nice photo, great reflection
The fisheye effect is weird here. Everything you expect to be straight is so crooked!
nice phot

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+Alex Koloskov If you don't mind I would like to know if when using a fish eye lens do you need to crop all of your final shots or is this the actual full image top to bottom side to side ? I ask because your love of the fish eye in natural shots has gained my interest in this lens but as you may or may not know I do not like to do any edits to my shots, not even cropping. I will use cropping sometimes but I would not be sure if I would like the idea of needing to crop every image to enhance what the fish eye lens captures.
Sorry dude, it's not a good shot from the famous viewpoint. You've overdone HDR and distortion of the fisheye is very bad.
+Jeremy Guinaugh Depends on the fish eye lens (and the sensor used). Some fish-eyes get a full n-degree sphere section (180, sometimes even 270 degrees[1]) onto a circle with diameter 24 mm (i.e., just within the sensor area of a full frame camera), but there are longer focal length fisheyes that effectively just zoom in on the center of that.

[1] 270 degree lens means everything like your camera, tripod, and yourself needs to be within 45 degrees of the camera axis unless you want them in frame.
I think it looks very cool and dramatic...
Water seems like a reflecting mirror.
Incredible !
Very Beautiful i like thank dear
I'm also interested in photography. Your photo is very fine and looks like a classic painting...
Reflection on the water is a bit much and the lighting of the clouds is too dark and sets off a gloomy mood that doesn't add up with the water, however, I'm no photographer. It's amazing though.
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Beautiful FISH EYE view of SWINGING BRIDGE! NICELY done!
Beautiful picture, close to where I live
great good dynamics______
I love all your photo's here Alex...:)
Nice! You should of shouted for the people on the bridge to take a hike.
Zuzi t
amazing pic
your photo showed the greatness and mighty power of god.
that amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Creator of the world gave us a wonderful gift of beauty. All we have to do is enjoy it and praise Him! 
The beauty of the creator
this is awesome!

Overall rating
omg i wanna go there its butiful! And i dont care if i spell stuff rong!
Amazing place! I want to be there!!!!
i Ali
Nice pic:)
+Alex Koloskov the place is amazing, the picture not as much. The composition is not great, you didn't make good use of the fisheye and I don't "see" the HDR. I think you'd better study some of the basic rules of photography and then find your own way. Don't take it bad, mine is a constructive criticism. I think you can do better than this, that's why I spent time writing this comment.
so wish i could take pics like yours, wow
nice nature .. i love this one :p
defenutly someplace i would want to spend a day at. its soooo peaceful!!!!!!!
wow.....its like a dream......nice...i would like to go there,,,,
Gorgeous way to wake up every day. Thanks for sharing.
whoa, that's an amazing photo! It's so peaceful. :)
Thanks for the great photo! I have a Kodak printer and the software makes 3D photos
+Jeremy Guinaugh Did not do any crop, this is what lens gives me at 15mm at full frame 35mm sensor. On 8 mm it will be a full 180 degree circle though:-)
+matteo bertoni No worry my friend, I never take criticism bad. However, I do not want to study anything: Instead, I want to make sure I shoot the way I like, and it may not be "the right way". The reason is that there are too many "right" photographers around with hard-to-distinguish right compositions:-)
+Buster BeefKutains He-he.. Welcome to a community sir. What are you doing on Google plus? :-)

+Alexander Avseyev Distortion from fish is bad? Common, distortion is the only the reason I use this lens, otherwise I'd use canon 14mm F2.8L. Overdone? He-he. may be. Nothing can be compared by unprocessed RAW, true:-)

Thank you everyone, comments, shares and smiles and angry words are much appreciated!
Har Lee
Wow! I Love it
great photo...thanks for the photography tip.
Awesome picture , i really like it !
i loooove it!!! thx 4 sharing!!!!!!! (amazing!!!)
That looks so nice and relaxing.... Makes me want to pitch a tent, throw up a hammock to park in and have a small camp fire going for lunch.
The distortion makes it look like a movie dream sequence in progress.
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Beautiful awesome amazing what more can I say 
lugar ideal para estar com o amor da sua vida!!!
It's as realistic (HDR) as it could be!
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Tranquility what makes the earth so pretty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos
Ewwwww Look at the bottom of the water
Really i love ur picutres
Thanks a lot
M Way
Great photo, very well taken.
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