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Liquid sculpting with camera
We are preparing a set of full resolution (1920x1200 and for tablets/phones) walpapers using images from our liquid portfolio.
I am sure you'll like them!
For now, enjoy the album:-)
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Maki MA
fantastic! so beautiful!
impressive. very very cool. these photograph are BEAST as my daughter would say
great wow do u do this awesome pics??
lots of different watermarks on these liquid images...
would you recommend fluro or LED as an alternative to HMIs?
looks like blod which is sooo col...!!!!!!
They would make great desktop backrounds.
Thanks Alex 4 sharing these OUTSTANDING photos ! 
Awesome dear...................lovely photography.....................
Simply magnificent! Stunning. Gr8 work +Alex Koloskov . Do consider to work on gel's and semi solids , i'm sure you'll get stunning results :)
wow photography with liquid is bond to give you good pictures and results
well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any chance to get some of them in 2048x1536 for the new ipad? :)
i am completely wowed, awesome, incredible i am running out of adjectives ...
Удивительные фото! Просто сюреализм! И название такое "вкусное" - ЖИДКИЕ ФОТОГРАФИИ
I`m looking forward to it!
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