The beauty of Caribbean Sea

Another fisheye madness from me:-) This is Cancun. Our hotel room was facing the ocean, and I had the best sleep ever during that week: it was a windy side with strong waves, just few feet away from us, and we slept like a babies with sound machine.

Now, would you guess: is this an HDR (multiple exposures combined into a one), or just a single shot? The answer is simple, but anyway. I'll tell it later:)

Enjoy the ocean!

The Answer(s):
This is a single exposure, not an HDR. BTW, it is possible to have an HDR with waves, check this out: . This is a multiple exposure HDR with lot of motion going on.

The curvature distortion is what fisheye does. Not a Photoshop:-) Plus, earth is a sphere:))
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