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The Hotel Lobby: Sir Francis Drake, San Francisco

Snapped during +Google+ Photographer's Conference #gpluspc stay in the hotel. The lobby is really dark, even darker than on the image.
This is 2 exposure HDR (2Ev shift), hand-held shot. Canon fisheye lens, my favorite to create such questionable images:-)

P.S If you dig that kind of shots, take a look at this before and after galleries:

Enjoy the Friday! #sanfrancisco #hdrfriday  
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I like the whole Alice In Wonder feel from the fisheye lens.  Only two exposures?  Amazing.
+Alex Koloskov great shot, beautiful place! Though, my question is how did you do the 'split screen page' on the web pages? I've never seen that on a web page
+Jon Herrera yep, it was enough to have 2 exposures.. even though I did 3 in AEB mode.
+Jeff Burkholder there is a plugin for WP called "Before after", it does the magic:-)

Thank you everyone!
Hotel Sir Francis Drake? Is Nate aware of this place?
this hotel is from a tv series name Hotel a few years ago don t you remember ?
Reduce the Lens Distortions. And the angel need a little higher. The rest is just perfect. Cool
This picture is what you call HDR done right. I can sense the space, the color and even the warmth of the place. Awesome job!
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