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An eye of San Francisco

Another shot I've got during our #gpluspc #photowalk at Treasure Island. See those people on the right? +Noah Katz +Mark Esguerra +Shawn Clover +Alan Allum +Christi Nielsen +Jeff Hosier and others are there.

That cloud formation look like an eye with eyelashes, isn't' it? Pretty cool view, I did not notice it till I've seen the image on a computer.

As usual, this is "realistic HDR": 3 exposures (in AEB 2 EV step), extra DR mostly needed for shadows in the stones and sun on right upper corner. Hand-held (see my previous photowalk video post), Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens.

Enjoy the view:-)
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馬子在床上都在裝`怎麼讓她變蕩婦呢 原來妖獸之前春藥-品都買.貴了 老婆吃了-性藥品變.好騷喔
Alex this is a very special picture. Any chance I can snag for my presentation. I will give credit. I love the eyelash affect and even more love the shot that represents what was home for years.
Some UFO flying at warp speed made the clouds look like that!
Wow!!! Genial!!! Buena Foto!! Nice Picture!!
I've been there before. it's amazingly beautiful and unique.
Jesus is finally opening his eye after 2010 years of sleep.
its an amzing sight danx 4 sharing it!!!!
It is all in the eye of the beholder.It does resemble an eye,if that is what you want to see in it.One can see other images in it,too.Have you ever seen The Eye of Horus? Now,that's an all seeing eye!
Our eyes deceive us.We must look with our hearts,only.
That's a BADDAZZ pic. Nice work!!!
I really enjoy unique and "out of the box" so to speak, pics.
Love seeing photos of the bay area where I live. Thanks for the unique perspective.
Haha , He saying , heyyyy!!;)
Are you seriously saying that it isnt cool?! IT IS SO COOL!
OH MY GOD. finally i found some people here speaking english. feel very happy ;D
It's a pic well taken. Good job..
beautilful! wonderful! excellent! an amazing scene thaat tells a story about the sky, the bridge and the land.
What software do you use for HDR?
I tried several different programmes, but I didn't really like the results for handheld shots. So far my best experience was with Lightroom plugin -- LR/Enfuse.
+Olga Garnova We use Photomatx and Photoshop: first to stitch photos, second to adjust color and finish the image. technique explained on our e-book:

Thank you everyone, your shares and comments are appreciated!
I just saw this on the little video from your walk. We saw the eye from the Embarcadero at Trey's walk too.
Alex, I like the world in a teacup look : )
The cloud it's fantastic!! Thanks for Alex
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