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Ok, this is my submission for our weekly assignment on Studio Photography Insights.
Tomorrow, me, +Dave Nitsche and 8 our most active studio photographers will talk about dealing with glossy stuff in studio. It is the most challenging in product and jewelry photography so, make sure to reserve a seat:-)

You can check what other guys have submitted so far on our forum thread:

As usual (now) all the results will be posted on our G+ page (check it out and like it!) :

Previous episodes:

See you guys tomorrow!

P.S: Wondering how these rabbits looked like without magic? Here you are:
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+Nathan Brown Thought you may be interested in this, shooting gems and jewelry and whatnot. :)
+Steve Savoie not that much, experience in shooting jewelry in kitchenware helped.
We spent about an hour to get this done. First I've tried with the cone, and did not like it. This was done with flat diffusers. Tomorrow I'll show it:-)
Nice Alex..those are amazing. Cool meeting you on the Hang out tonight
Ha! Love the before shot, I think the before is like magic :-)
it look's peace&beautifull and talking ti each other
good job man .......i like light combination.......perfect light drop ........
amazing, +Alex Koloskov did you notice the edge of the diffusion panels creating the shape of the legs and the eyes, and the reflection of the other rabbit creates such a cute mouth. just wondering where to camera hides
sooooo cueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......
Alice C
I have one sitting on my fireplace.
^_^ !!bunnys!!! ^_^
Love them so much
Dick, just change your "what's hot" settings to none. Then you won't see these posts. It isn't the poster's fault; G+ defaults to showing a certain amount in your stream.
ooooohhhhhhh.....datss sooooo cutee.... luvin it :-)
Hi Alex,Just love all the amazing Photography..its awsome:)
wow...nice 1 yar i need it yar.....its very very amazing.....
ahhh cute but the before pic is really weird
it is hard to take pic of a Glass.. i want to take it like the one shown above..
Awe just need to present this to my girlfriend. She'll luv it.
Key s
so nice !
The cute little bunny and transparency. Thanks for this creative Lahore mosques.
Wow....Alex this is just too good! I think you had better stop now and give the rest of us a chance to catch up. Just Beautiful!
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