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Time for love

I love spring! Hope this image I've snapped today will give you some of my feeling :-) Still tender sun, millions of flowers around and deep blue sky on top of everything.

Enjoy and share the feeling: this shot is for Ladies of G+!
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SH iHu
for ladies of G+...
So beautiful - I can almost smell them!
WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Beautiful!! Then...i need laydown and look for....not go anywhere right nooooow!!! And i need pillow!!!
not a lady buy still like the flowers
Thanks a great perspective it is beautiful
Jay K.
Nice shot....
Still feel like winter here, the temperature is 5C. No chance to catch colorful images.Sigh...
This is such a beautiful photograph!! I love scenery pictures :) They always put a smile on my face! Well done Alex.
gorgeous pic.
so vivid, lifelike, i can almost smell them...
ty for sharing.
xue lu
Could there anyone tell me the name of this flower?they're so beautiful.
You are certainly gifted when it comes to nature and a camera. I can almost see you lying on your back to get that shot. It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
This picture is so pretty. Thanks for posting it. 
Ha Phan
Yeah, I see the spring...
a natureza e linda!!! ela revela a mão do grande arquiteto!!!!
I love ths picture; thank you for posting it.
Thank you, Alex!! Beautiful!!
I love this time of the year, everything is blooming in Austin, Texas too.
Thanks for sharing
What do you call these flowers? Beautiful indeed.
I wish i could take pictures like that...
what is the name of the flower??
a beautiful flower
nice shoot :)
That is so pretty. I am still waiting for the trees and flowers to bloom in New York City. :)
That is soooooooo pretty' i wish that kind of trees would bloom in Canada!!!
Pinky Pinky loved it.....
love you google !! this is even better than gmail motion & the vowel outage :):)
It looks like painting more than real.
This is awesome !!!! Thank you Alex :)
it's so beautiful
I love flowers
a wonderful pic with a really nice colors
Elle Ji
Thanks for sharing!
Alex, Your Slice of Time, is great. Not everyone's life is in tune with Yours, However they (That view Your Photo) can see the Beauty, the Composition, Light, Lens, Filter and Your Vision. Thanks For Sharing Your moment with the rest of us....Some folks are still Chest high in Snow and more is on the way for a FEW.
What you did to those children was wrong! :(
So pretty!! Wish we have spring here. Getting envious with all the beautiful (pink) flower shots here in G+! :)
Gracias Alex por compartir tu foto y por el detalle.
Great perspective and colors! Is this one hdr?
You are fortunate that you are going into spring. We are going into winter! 'The dying session!
Wei Ye
nice shot.
des cerisiers fleurs (doubles ) .....très beaux !
why just the ladies??? It's a lovely photo, anyne can enjoy it!!
Spring is a nice yellowish weather like mustard n sunflowers. Here is celebr it n every1 enjy thanks to god that gve us.
Beautiful truly captured spring!!!
to c tem flowers i feel a new freshnes
AB Dice
so beautiful 
ı feel special thanx :)) ı just really wanna be there
Oh,how beautiful! Thank you. Your mind and heart are also VERY beautiful. Wow, not only are you thinking of us ladies,but that you to see the beauty of it ALL is very touching. For you show your appreciation of both the gift of life and nature's presentation & gorgeous gift of beautiful "life" as well, in feeling the awe and wonderment of it all, as you present your true self in revealing the side of your sweet tender soul to us all...This photograph is so very pretty. Thank you for sharing.... ~ Carol
Love it but dont believe in love
This reminds me so much of the cheery tree I took a photo of in cannon hall! It's in my stuff album
hr syed
beautiful, cool and tranquil morn
nature is always beautiful that was from god.!
Love spring but I need to sneeze... achoooo achooooo.... achoooooooooo...
I love spring as well, not only because that's when my birthday is, but because it's a little bit cooler than summer. Whew!!
Its Beautiful!
I am going to download it and set it as my desktop wallpaper!
Beautiful...very uplifting, thank you :-)
m crazy for flowers n water.............!
soooooooooooooooooooo sweet.............realy.
This flowers are nice to see and good in colors, i liked it a lot!!!
beautiful image.. thanks for sharing
gud pic.....huh.....???? :)
AMAZING SKILLS! love the photo, man! =)
thats my tree how do you know were it is
Saaweeetttt!!:) i can smell them from here! Thank you.
Happy April Fools Day
Oh, extra für mich! Das ist aber sehr lieb von Dir! Ich liebe den Frühling auch, vielleciht sogar Dich, Alex! Ganz viele Frühlingsbussis, in Rosa!
S White
So beautiful.... love it
Feeling spring already,on looking at those beautiful flowers
Thanks Alex.....beautiful .....i am a Spring baby and this time of year i love so much.
pretty flowers, love it
lin lin
Beautiful view ^^
It is beautiful. It is worth to see.
Ni Gang
How warm the beginning is as poem, still tender sun, and deep blue sky on the top of everything.
It is so nice to see the trees come into bloom and what with light nights..... Heaven.
Wonderful Blossom's ain't it such a wonderful time of year. I have recently took up my camera again after a long absence, and rediscovered my love of images. I find that the colour intensity is not there when I post on G+, is there any secret to achieving the quality of the original photo?.
O.k. Now this is my screensaver. So pretty.
Hello, what do you think of this pic, isn't it beautiful.
Makes me feel great and healthy too. Thanks for sharing.
God's creation for you and me. Please, post more beautiful like this.
beautiful! awesome! you made my day, thanks :P
so pleasant to the eyes .. love them ..
Betsy L
This is an amazing shot. I finally feel the crisp, fresh, energizing reality of spring. Thank-you.
aw, man....soo beautiful.
I love this photo! Thank you for loving us ladies!
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