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So, this is a tricky HDR for you my friends: 3 RAW exposures (2Ev step), shot from a moving bus (one of those open buses for SF street tours), and almost everything was moving around: people were walking, cars going, etc.

Because I was using a fisheye, I had to hold camera far from the bus to not to catch it in a frame: meaning I was shooting with one hand only, second one was busy holding me from falling on the street.
It was fun. and +Genia Larionova did a great job assembling such tricky HDR. We'll talk about this on a SF photowalk, on May 21 st!

For now, enjoy the view, share if you like it:-)
P.S Oh yes, bus has stopped on a red light here... helped me a little
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its look like 4 D not 3D
I expect to see Keanu Reeves in a long black coat in this one.
Looks like Market district.?. Great place to shoot, unfortunately I didn't learn about HDR until after my trip there.
So technically the bus was not moving
+Vincent Dale yep, it was not moving during this shot. People were moving, some cars too. Plus, my hand was moving:-)
Excellent skills, Alex! What a fantastic job you did with this. Hey! I was gonna tell you that I thought of you today when I saw an ad for in the latest +WIRED magazine. It was a pick of a phone dropped in water and was thinking how it really resembles your work.
I can appreciate the colors, but the fish eye look really isn't for me.
There's a lot going on in this shot.
Oh man, I used to live there, only few blocks from Union Square... This brings back wonderful memories.
And btw, nice shot Alex, and well processed HDR, Genia! Love It!
r u add any effect with photoshop?
Please be disciple and worship, teacher。U R so cool。。
bulge effect ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David G
Paging Google Maps Street View team... Hello!!!
hinh anh o dau vay ban
This is brilliant Alex.... pls do point me to more of ur HDR work - cheers :)
Show off! j/k Great pic. What are the spex on the Camera settings/lens?
+Nadir Aziz Here you are:
+Jeff Hill it was canon 8-15mm fisheye at 15mm, ISO 400, f 5.7, shutter between 1/100 and 1/1000 sec (it was bracketed in Av mode).
BTW, you can use "photo details" on options dropdown to get all this info yourself next time:-)

Thank you guys!
Does a fisheye lens make it looked kind of distorted like that?
What .............?????????
you take beautiful pictures too! I would like to be able to take so many pictures!
hình ảnh giống như trog wa~ cầu thủy tinh v
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