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Another HDR from... iPhone 4s, right from the instant upload.
Not bad or ... sucks? :-))

BTW, this is a real 2 exposure HDR, no filters or other that in-app post-processing were used:
Camera: iPhone
Exposure: 0.006 sec (1/177)
Aperture: f/2.4
Focal Length: 4.28 mm
ISO Speed: 64
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Nice pic. You should do more just wildlife.
Hint of halo above the houses - something strange about those trees in the distance - low contrast, sort of washed out. Not bad, better than a lot of HDR I've seen. Especially considering it was done with a phone.
Very intriquing. Are the colors spot on, though.
the flower bush and the tall grass in the front are taking up more space in the frame than necessary but the perspective's really good!
Beautiful picture and every detail of it but where is it?
what a beautiful spot! lovely capture, Alex!
Your picture can draw people to this place. Please, more>
it's okay, maybe it's the subject that's not compelling but I'm not thrilled
REALISTIC & GREENISH are the words u r really a maker of beauty or a discoverer instead ;) awesome
Сказочное место! Тишина и покой... и очень уютно!


gou yi
beautiful scenery!
impressive for something straight out of a phone!
Mr Adam
Thanks from
How did you get the meta-data of the shot?
Very clear shot I would give it a good pass + Alex Koloskov
No girls in bikinis? It sucks! JK nice work.
seems no life in sight human or animals
you & your all post to beautyful
Looks good on my cell. Clarity isn't everythng and i can't zoom in the app any way.
SCHÖN :-))) & noch ein zauberhaftes Wochenende....
+Alex Koloskov is this HDR image processed in iPhone software or postprocessed by any PC software? I have tested "Pro HDR Camera" and "HDR Camera+" on Android. It's produce better pictures than regular camera, but PC soft make postprocess much accurate even for photos taken by mobile. A specialy, PC process produce better alignment. It's important for me, because it so hard to handle smartphone without movement a long time for 3 shots. Here is image in my "Mobile HDR" album
vry nic pic and i think that is a cool place
Wow that's great! Amna Pinky you don't know how to spell awesome!
wow this picture blow my mind it beauitful
u r jst amazing sir i jst love u r al photos am u r big fan all d very best. kep going kep doing moer then this expecting with u lots lots more. u can do u wl do then this i have hope on u.God bles u.Take care.Bubyee.. . . .
The choice of foreground does not appeal to me. I would get rid of the huge bush on the right. In fact, maybe even telephoto on the trees in the back, and the reflection in the water. (Unless you can find an interesting composition elsewhere, of course.)
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