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Parents, be aware!
This is what may happen when you answer "yes" when kids ask you to play with colors. We just did it today:-)
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lovely father, lovely daughters
สีสันต์สร้างความสุขได้ทุกวัยค่ะ ถ้าผู้ใหญ่สร้างเป็น เด็กก็ฉลาด
Difference between girls & boys here... washable.... my boys used a Sharpie marker on their mom once while she was sleeping. Not a bad mustache.....
awesome...They are only little for a while--awesome dad!!!
adorable...thanks for sharing a tender moment with the kids. can we play with some colors as well?
y,,we must know what is in wantof ourchildren
+Steve Savoie Yep, it went out relatively easy, considering that I left like this to completely dry for an hour or so:-)

Thank you everyone! Sometimes we just need to step down and become just a friends to our kids. Helps a lot to understand them and to be... friends!
Wasn't it well worth it to see those happy, smiling faces? You are a good Dad for sure.
haha..i think you have a lot of fun with your kids...
nice guy.... full of art.. hhehehe
Seriously dude. You'll get " it " twice as much as now.
Your an awesome dad for giving them a chance to be creative.My dad wont let me do that he's like "Kym your 18. You are a way to old to be paintting my face."
parents should treat and play with child because vacation is being started u brother........
Entlich mal wo der Papa bunt ist und nicht die Kinder.
Девочки в восторге!!! Нет ничего прекраснее детской радости...! Папа счастлив...)))
total mix of africa and d wy nice kids........
hahahahahaha....every child like u Man...:-)
Lovley times children are beutiful .
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