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Great Product photography tip: The fast and easy way to clean dust
Very useful tip and technique from our photoshop guru, +Genia Larionova. You guys will love it!
Check it out, it does help a lot in retouching scratches/dust, etc:
Do not forget to share if you find this to be helpful
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Must give it a shot! Seems like a great way to handle dust etc.! Thanks!
Thanks for the share, that is a very nice way to go about cleanup, I tried it out and it works out pretty nice. I was doing something similar with transparency layers, but this one is easier.
You always have such great tips. Thanks for the share.
it's really helpful :)
GOOGLE (whirlpool galaxy) see what's in the middle it's amazing NASA pictures
Thanks Alex for showing us a different technique to deal with dust in Photos. I really enjoy reading your instructive posts.
Thanks for sharing!
Excellent! Can't wait to try it. 
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