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Cold morning
It was one of those cold November mornings, when fog appears right before sunrise and gets wiped by sun one hour after...
I've seen this amazing view when drivning around, and was lucky to have the same weather next morning, when I returned with camera.

This is 4 exposures HDR: in single shot all the trees were completely dark as I was shooting against the sun. 2Ev between exposures, total 8EV DR.
Camera was on tripod, long exposures with F14 or so. ISO 100
BTW, there is a fisheye-made shot from the same place, 15 feet to the right ( ) which one you like beter? Then share the one you like:-)
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Very beautiful photo,makes me wish I lived at the end of that road.
Which is "better" depends on your taste. I like them both, for different reasons.
I like this one better. Fish eye makes everything seem a little surreal. The photo above does that naturally.
not take HDR quiet often. But if I take it, I may use RAW format, and split it to few different exposures using Photoshop. +Alex Koloskov , what different between the way i do and yours? And which one is better?
This is a very pretty image! Lovely light and frosty grass.
Alex Koloskov, nice view!
+Zhongmin Li I always shoot RAW, all my HDRs made from multiple RAW exposures. What you are doing is not HDR at all. Single RAW does not have any "High" in its dynamic range. What you do is just pulling more info from a single RAW. When it works and you are getting good image, it means there was no need in HDR, as camera was able to capture the whole DR of the scene in a single exposure.

In cases like this, you won't be able to pull all this data from a single RAW. The only you'll get is a nosy bad image, which can't be printed , etc. For small size web it may look good though. But I always aim for a large quality prints:-)

Thank you everyone!
a very nice view dear after all november is novmber
Love the country scene
Wonderful sunlight.. The grass could be greener.
The light is really nice; almost physical like a blanket
Great HDR composition; the look is "real" and not overdone like many HDR renderings. Beautiful photo, thanks for sharing.
i like this one for the vanishing point and i like the fisheye because it makes you feel like the trees are around you in a firm barky embrace
I love them both but the fish eye a little bit more.
Good writing however, isn't it the bible not to begin a piece with the weather? I have done the same thing many times to format the writing then a friend told me she was taught not to make this "mistake" Maybe you know the answer for me?
I feel that Eyes behind the camera and intelligent mind are more capable than camera . I don't know camera work and technology of photography .Many thanks for sharing this numerous wealth.
Are you a photographer? You are very good!
This is pretty.. :) I LOVE nature as you can see by my profile.
+Steve Nurge Hm.. I do not feel any mistake or bad taste in this, really. Probably because I do not have such taught friends? :-)

I use to start with technical details of the shot, as this is what I am interested most on other photographer's work. But soon I realized that not everyone like me, and weather is a better topic to start with:-)

Thank you my friends :-)
Hi Alex, thank you for sharing your photograph. Is there a website for HDR for Dummies. I would like to learn more about doing HDR with my Nikon DSLR. Thank you.
it inspires me a lot...
ts very beautiful...thanks....i
nice picture, the sun look very pretty covered in the tree's branches.
looks great what did you have the camera set up to. (ISO, shutter, f/ ect)
very nice,I want to learn photography now
the angle which you have taken is superb
你妹 ,能不能用汉语
Brillant perspective and composition! Thanks for sharing
+John Zimm We have an e-book about our HDR photography at, but it will be hard to digest if you new to this: e-book is for those who understand topic pretty well: we show how we create these realistic looking HDRs on examples.
The HDR in this photo is a bit over done. I think it could be a really nice photo if it looked more natural. Nice scene and composition, but the HDR is blown way out.
very nice. the one i am looking at here has a great angle and it gives one a real feeling of depth. I love the fence and the dirt road as the fore ground leading me into the rest of the shot. really well shot photo. You should definitely photo canvas it I'm thinking 4 feet by 3 feet would be awesome, but that is me
xử lý ánh sáng rất tuyệt vời, chúc mừng !1!!!
If no photochop then this is really excellent. Keep up the good work!
this is indeed very nice photo. good job! nice scenery as well :) very lucky!
Excellent Photography . Keep it up

Overall rating
Ohh its so beautiful...sometimes same happen in India...
excellent , could i download this??
wow! beauty of nature.Nice pic man
awesome pic, but just want to know which camera you used......: )
This is really beautiful - so peaceful. Thank you for sharing :-)
Personally I think the HDR is done very well. Youve turned what were really well taken but boring shots into beautiful pictures. Thats what I love about HDR.
i wish M lived there in end of day,s my life 
how can i get that picture in its full original size...?
This is amazing, from a fellow photographer, i am quite jealous
Have you done any filtering to produce this photo ?

It is wonderful
nice view...........amazing......................
Beautiful sunrise. So pleasing to wake up to such a sight!
Beautiful.Wish I had also passed through the same path at that time.
Hi Alex, nice shot. I am interested in the HDR method can you tell me of sites that explain it.
WL, Lin
The backbdrop with the light is amazing.
Congratulation...!!!! very wonderful view.... I wish i m on the end of that road while hold his hand and keep smile in every step of my feet. Being enjoy the peacefull of life...Lovelly... :)
What I'd do to see a morning like this for real. Just standing there watching the lazy sun rise whilst I'm breathing cold crisp morning air 
it reminds me some good memories hey ........
Beautiful shot. Almost looks like high end computer imagery.
Lan Di
You snoopin' in my street?
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is it possible to get a version with a higher resolution? e.g. 1080p?
i would love to take this for my desktop background
beauty of nature.
wake up early in the morning to see beautiful view 
Really it needs some one to be with .
happy to see the way to nature.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$***
I love it bt scarecrow make's me hate it nd nightmaire cn cm lyk freddy on my dream
I like the shot, but the HDR effect is a bit too strong for me. 
moment of sunset ,enjoy view ..........awesome
Nice! I can almost feel the cold wrap itself around me.
i really like to know how to make great amazing HDR photo like this
evrythings look great in HDR...
my all
so beautiful
beautiful, peaceful mood seen....................
You are an absolute noob mate.
I'm not a fan of fish-eye shots.. but that's just me.
Dzen Do
amazing isn't it,beautiful
Very pretty! Thanks for the tips on how you captured this photo.
cool man! It's fun to layer in different exposures to get that "better than real" look.. Great stuff!
nice pic, but...where are the electrical wires? ;))
+Lisa Keegan Oh yes, they are taken away...look closely :) I also suspect that's an utility pole removed from the pic. Anyway, the pic is great.
can you make the tutorial of how to make this HDR photo? please let me know.
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very nice you can almost feel the atmosphere nice work....
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