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How to create HDR images with iPhone: iPhoneography in examples

I was getting so many questions from friends about how do I use my iPhone to take HDR shots, so I decided to put together a tutorial:

Enjoy  :-)
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FYI, the stock camera app on the android phone, HTC One X, has a built in HDR mode that is more than useful for quick HDRing!
Great posting here. I've also noticed with my iPhone 4 significantly more digital noise, particularly if I do any additional edits to the image after it is made with Pro HDR
+Julian Davies yes, I know that many cameras has built-in HDR mode. iPhone has it too. But because you cna't select a metering point for correct exposure, they sucks at many lighting conditions.

+Ken Shelton For the best quality I use 2 "as-is" exposures from  pro HDR an merge them in photomatix and Photoshop, like I do with canon shots.
But this is too much of processing for most smartphone shooters:-)
On the One X, if you touch the screen at the point you want to meter/focus on, it works! I am not trying to start any android v apple fights or anything, just pointing out that there is good stuff out there.

Oh... and it is not a camera as such, just a mobile phone!
+Julian Davies This is cool then! Did not know about this:-)

Well, I loved all my Android phones i own before, including Google nexus. I just love to try new things, and this is my first iPhone I am playing with :-)
Just tagged you on a shot I just took from my office window +Alex Koloskov ... I must say though, the HDR -> tonemapping on the One X gives you no options... just auto, no way you can do any of the funky stuff you would with say photomatix!
Very good tips,, I use Iphone for my mobile shots , did not try android based phones 
That is really great Alex, thank you
K Davis
Android has the HDR mode already in. Makes some really good pics.
K Davis
Not like your photos of course Alex. But it does the job for a phone cam :)
ilove it so much .. this is amazing
I use ProHDR and then edit in a number of different apps. Snapseed, Filterstorm, etc. I never go outside my phone to edit any photos taken on my iPhone. I like to keep it all 100% iPhone. 
Was directed here by +Michael Bandy's post (thanks!). I've been using ProHDR for a while, but in the auto exposure mode. This has me excited to try it in the manual mode now. Thanks for the tutorial, Alex!
Thanks for the tutorial Alex... Love iPhone photography!
Wow, beautiful and actually breathtaking! Love the clouds in the playground photo.
Thanks so much! I downloaded the pro HDR app and my pics look so much better:)
Just started the HDR within the base app that comes on my iPhone and that alone makes a big difference.  Now I am far more likely to get that pro HDR app you recommend- thanks!
Great post thanks Alex, just got the HDR Pro app, fun times ahead!
i will recommand on android smartphone the app HDR Camera, then you can save the pic with EV +/- 2 and use them for postworking with Photomatix or Fusion
+Michel Andries The biggest issue with +2 -2 Ev  shots that 2Ev in many cases is not enough to get the proper DR of the scene. Like on that image with kids and the wooden roof. On that image the difference between exposures somewhere between around 6-8 F-stops. This is why manual selection works great;)
I hope there is another app for Android where you can select the metering points. 
i use to select the metering points with a little move in spot average..ok thats tricky and i never can use all the picture in afterworking :-)
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Great work Alex. Cool pictures. While took some good pics with my iPhone 4. Never thought we could take great ones. Thanks.
Precioso!! Donde esta este lugar!! =D
Bought both recommended apps on iTunes today - each only $1.99!  Can't wait to try them out, thanks again.
I love this article. My husband knew I liked taking pictures so he bought me a Sony DSLR but I was too lazy to learn it. He took up photography instead, but we have iPhone v DSLR battles now and then still :)  
Hi Alex. Would be nice to know your opinion about the built-in HDR of the new Canon Rebel T4i !
I mean, a T4i for you must be a toy, but for many of us it's at least interesting. :)
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